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Author Topic: Cheap mri? Need to go private but consultants are expensive!!  (Read 8932 times)

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Re: Cheap mri? Need to go private but consultants are expensive!!
« Reply #60 on: July 31, 2008, 02:03:39 PM »
The sports dr is private so he can refer me for an mri but it would cost me lots, so I was just hoping that the physio would refer me back to the os so I could get one done for free on the nhs.

Also the nhs physio said that they didn't have ems machines and the nhs wouldn't buy him one, but I told him about the one I have and he said that I could try that out, so I will start doing that every other day.

I don't get to see the nhs physio again until the 21st of Aug so its going to be ages till I see an os again.
I'm a bit stuck really unless I spend lots of money!
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Re: Cheap mri? Need to go private but consultants are expensive!!
« Reply #61 on: July 31, 2008, 03:32:16 PM »
i understand the financial side of it - do you have insurance?

im not fully au fait with the nhs system, but could you phone the nhs physio and say you want to be referred back to the OS asap?
Or could you go to a GP and get referred to an nhs OS?

mri's DO cost lots, I spend a fortune on one last year cos i insisted on doing it private as the waiting list was so long. but we have a scheme in ireland where you can claim back the tax so i claimed back 41% of my medical outgoings for the year in january - softened the blow a little.

the thing about the sports doc is that he is only a sports doc, not an OS, so even if he sent you for an expensive mri he is not going to be any use for interpeting the results or deciding on what to do - only an OS can do that.

Its really an OS you need.

In ireland you can go see an OS privately (costs money), then when he says 'you need an mri' you can tell him your insurance wont cover it and you have no money so he can put you on a public wait list for that or for any other treatment - so you only pay for that 1 first visit. can you do something like that?

i know money is a problem, but time is also valuable and you have spent a lot of time for no progress.
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Re: Cheap mri? Need to go private but consultants are expensive!!
« Reply #62 on: August 02, 2008, 01:21:34 PM »
Hi Robert,

MRIs in the UK do cost a lot privately, but if you were referred by the sports doctor at least they would be looking for the right things as he'd be looking for particular things. You could also ask about a CT scan and plain x-rays. They are actually the most useful for patella problems. My knee surgeon said that MRIs are a waste of time for patella problems.

Do email the sports doctor with your progress. He should be able to help you with the next steps. You may not necessarily need to go in to see him.

It sounds like you aren't getting very far. Do hope things improve soon.
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