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Author Topic: Torn Posterior Horn Of Medial Meniscus  (Read 2320 times)

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Torn Posterior Horn Of Medial Meniscus
« on: May 07, 2008, 12:20:52 PM »
I have just been told today the result of my MRI which shows a "longtitudinal tear of the posterior horn of my medial meniscus". I have been told I need surgical removal "partial menisectomy".
 I injured this leg when twisting while up a ladder - not sports injury. Prior to the injury I was a Fell Runner - running up hills, maybe as much as 50 miles weekly ( I live in Scotland). I troed running afterwards but got a dull ache in y Left knee within a mile or so. I stopped running completely while I awaited the Otho Consultant and MRI etc. This took months - I don't have any pain at all really now, but I can't fully flex the knee. It does not lock nor click and all the clinical examinations are non- diagnostic, in essence I feel I have a mild problem.
 My Dilemma is whether to go for surgery or not. I do not want a partial removal of my meniscus then find I am setting myself up for OseoArthritis in 10 years. I am 39 years old have ran for 10 years am nornal weight with no health problems.
 I wonder whether It would be better just to leave the meniscus alone without surgery and buy a bike ( much as it pains me to give up running I may just have too) ...with a chance that Arthritis will be less likey.
 I wonder if anyone has any advice. Thanks.  joe

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Re: Torn Posterior Horn Of Medial Meniscus
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2008, 12:41:29 AM »

I had a radial tear of posterior horn of the lateral menuscus.  I had the same exact concerns about the surgery.  I called my OS 2 days before the surgery and shared my concern with him.   He basically told me that OSs are not stupid and they understand that a partial meniscectomy may cause early osteoarthritis, however, a torn piece of meniscus is not providing any cushioning or shock absorbing functionality any more.  It can flap around in the joint and cause more damage.  He said removing the torn piece is the best thing that can be done for the knee.

Good luck
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Re: Torn Posterior Horn Of Medial Meniscus
« Reply #2 on: November 20, 2008, 04:25:18 AM »
Hi...this might be really late in terms of your need for information...I  just went to my orthopedic physician four and a half years after my torn posterior horn medial meniscus partial removal.  I needed a prescription to replace my orthodic.  I was also cautioned about arthritis setting in.   I postponed surgery at least 8 or 9 months thinking that I shouldn't do it.  But I finally did.    I followed my doctor's advice to stop running and have replaced that activity with eliptical and walking. I had exrays done at my recent appointment and the doctor said there were no apparent signs of arthritis contrary to what he predicted.  The joint was not narrowing as he expected.  My knee feels great and I'm 55.  But I stopped running and I really think that's the difference. So, some knees can withstand the running forever and some can't.  I was very depressed when I had my surgery recognizing the need to limit my activities but I'm over it.  An Ipod, early morning walk or eliptical is pretty good. 
Had 30 percent removal of meniscus on May 6, 2004.  Had horizontal tear on posterior horn of medial meniscus.  (Kid stuff compared to many on this site!)

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Re: Torn Posterior Horn Of Medial Meniscus
« Reply #3 on: November 20, 2008, 12:23:07 PM »
Joe ~ I'm at the other end of the discussion as I've had nothing done with my torn menisci BUT I honestly am not having any difficulty doing what I want to do because of it. I badly injured my knee when I was 67 & was told then by my OS that if the menisci became problematic he would scope & clean. At my age I'm not running but I do work around horses daily & I still ride when I feel so inclined & walk big dogs. None of those activities is unduly affected by the damage so I'm sitting tight until such time as I need to have something done. Perhaps x-rays would reveal arthritic changes but I'm satisfied as is. Wishing you well...Ellie
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Re: Torn Posterior Horn Of Medial Meniscus
« Reply #4 on: November 20, 2008, 12:36:36 PM »
My right knee problem started with a piece of cartlidge jamming into the joint.   My MRI stated small tear of posterior Horn.  It was a very different story when the OS opened me up.  MRI's are only a tool that can be used before you decide your next step.  If you feel you can get on with life with the tear and just wait until the pain becomes unbearable you might set your self up for a larger issue than you expected to deal with.   Most Meniscus removals are done and many people have great outcomes.  If you hold off now with the reason your going to regret it 10 years down the road.  You may set yourself up for a bigger problem when the pain 2 years down the road.  When the treatments options maybe  alot more  limited. Having OA is not the end of the world.   Not all OA turns into a Knee replacement.    It is apart of being middle aged.