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Author Topic: Medium to severe OA and no pain (keep fingers crossed) and Unloader kne brace  (Read 6352 times)

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I use unloader brace (Left Lateral) and this does allow me to carry on with most activities.

Some comments I had ... don't wear it at the gym as you need to build strength in quadriceps and unloader would prevent this.

I do a lot of water-skiing & scuba diving ... and you can't wear unloader brace in the water ....... they have offered me a very expensive CTI brace for this.

Look like my way forward is an inter-positiional device.
However not the off-the shelf metal version  (iForma ?) but a purpose made unit, which is modeled after a full scan of knee.

This in my case would realign knee, and avoid the unloader ........... at least that seem to be the theory.