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Author Topic: Can someone please help me - I just received a copy of my Operative report  (Read 1461 times)

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and I absolutely don't understand exactly what was done - or why I am still in pain 6 months later and still have swelling and major problems walking up stairs.

Pre-Operative Diagnosis: Left knee meniscal tear
Post-Operative Diagnosis: Left knee chondromalacia and condral contusion.
Operation Performed:  Left knee arthroscopy, partical synovectomy, chondroplasty.

What exactly does this mean? 

My procedure was as follows:

The patient was given general anesthesia via LMA.  A tourniquet was applied to the left upper thight, and the left lower extremity was prepped and draped in steril fashion.  The standard arthroscopy portal was made at lateral border of the patellar tendon at leel of joint line.  Throw this portal the arthroscope was introduced as well as the inflow fluid.  The knee was visualized in its entirety starting with the patellofemoral compartment.  There were no loose bodies and no plies formations.  There was some condral damage on the articular surface of the patella.  This appears to be from direct contusion.  The medial compartmnet was next visualized.  The medial compartment show the further condral damage on the medial femoral condyle and the trochlea.  The cartilage was again contused and was found to be slightly soft and chondromalacia had set in.  The meniscus appeared to be intact.  The anterior crucial ligament appeared to be intact.  The lateral compartment was next visualized and again the lateral meniscus appeared to be intact.  Medial port was then created in standard fashion.  Through this portal, the probe was introduced.  The probe confirmed, and the medial meniscus was intact and that anterior cruciate ligament was intact.  Probe also confirmed, and lateral meniscus was intact.  Probe confirmed new condromalacia and the articular surface of the medial femoral condyle and the trochlea.  Probe also confirmed that there was extensive chondral damage to the articular surface of the patella.  Using the shaver throgh the medial protal, the condral damage on the patella was debrided down to smooth counter.  Some of the cartilage and the medial femoral condyle was also debrided down to the smooth contour.  The knee was visualized in entirety for loose bodies, and none was found.  Some of the hypertrophic synovium in all 3 compartments were debrided using the shaver.  The knee was visualied in entired again for loose bodies, and none was found.  The knee was then copiously irrigated with saline solution through the scope.  The wounds were closed with 4-0 nylon sutures, and the knee was infused with 30ml of 1% lidocaine solution.  Sterile dressing was applied, and the tourniquet was deflated.  Total tourniquet time was 15 minutes. 

I received this injury from falling on a wet marble floor back in 09/2006. 

Can someone give me some insight on the findings - thank you.
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I don't know all of it, but it looks like you had some cartilage damage that was just cleaned up.  I don't know what the synovectomy means though.  When they shaved things, they were shaving your cartilage to smooth it down and harden it back up.  They did that to me.  That is called the chondroplasty.  Arthroscopy is the procedure they used to look into your knee with the camera. 

This procedure is a minor surgery, and I would go see another OS if you are still having such problems.  I had the same surgery done a few years ago and also still had problems immediately after.  Since then I saw another OS and had a TTT to fix my maltracking issues to prevent future cartilage damage and subluxations.  I hope you get it all figured out.  If you are having underlying issues causing continuous cartilage damage, it should get fixed.  If you continue to have pain, you could be continuously causing damage and could ultimately cause legions large enough to need major surgery to fix.  GOod luck!

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hi - did you get a response to your synovectomy question yet?  i know it's two months after your posting but i'm new to the board!  i had a synovectomy (for RA) in january.
try - it has a good description and pics.
good luck.  :)
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