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Author Topic: stuck with soft tissue issues 10months post TKR  (Read 849 times)

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stuck with soft tissue issues 10months post TKR
« on: April 06, 2008, 03:46:27 PM »
I'm new here but would like to share my story and get your responses.  I am only 48, but after a skiing injury 20 years ago with a total ACL reconstruction I found out I couldn't be as active with bone on bone arthritis, so was convinced that a total knee repalcement was the  way to go. I was a big hiker and skiier, very active and I knew people for whom the TKR was OK.  What a nightmare! It never felt "right" and caused a lot of pain and very slow progression through PT in the early going, but at least I got back to work as a teacher. after three months. That didnt last long however since the real problem is with weight-bearing and soft tissue inflammation. Nothing seemed to help . Now Im on a leave of absence and I've been off my feet a good deal, then exercising in a modified PT program including warm therapy pool work, but still, I have to walk with a cane and experience lots of problems just getting around, with no real quality of life.  The surgeon who did it says I have "patellar Klunk syndrome" and wants to go in and open everything up again, with instructions not to ask how soon Ican get back to work. Says that he doesn't know what came first, the scar tissue or inflammatory response.On paper, my numbers are OK, not great (flexion and extension), I just can't walk . I DO NOT WANT MORE SURGERY since it seems like more scarring would occur.  I am seeing a doctor for a thrid opinion in a few weeks. The second doctor said the prosethetic was in at a 4 degree angle due to some bone irregularities on the surfacen, left by old screws, and odd positioning of the implant may be causing the irriation. But he doesnt think a revision will help all that much. They all agree it was all those previous surgeries that left me (1 ACL reconstruction and 3 scopes)  with this situation. I am so down I can't stand it. Even the MRI I had on my back yesterday (since my whole gait is off now  my back is giving me fits left my knee much sorer. Does anyone out there have a story like mine and can offer some advice?