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Author Topic: Chronic pain/No instability/Feeling of Hyper-ex.+Locking when Standing Thoughts?  (Read 1070 times)

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Hey!  Could really use some advice.

Quick background:
Dislocated my RIGHT knee twice, had surgery for the second time last May.  Successful.
Last Oct. I was pulling my feet up to a pull-up bar and hear some "pop pops" in my LEFT knee.  I was concerned but no swelling or anything serious came of it besides some discomfort for a bit.

I've been in Japan since Oct., biking and walking EVERYWHERE, and my left knee has gradually become worse and worse.
There doesn't seem to be a stability issue.  My knee does not give out.

The problem:
I have a chronic pain pretty constant throughout the day that has seems to have gotten worse, though not become unbearable yet.
When I stand, it feels like my knee is slightly hyper-extending and when I just stand still, my knee naturally wants to lock into this what feels like a slightly hyper-extended position with the patella not contracting.  Looking at it in a mirror it doesn't seem like it's hyper-extending much (it does compared to my right knee, but that's still swollen and my gait is all screwed up still).  However, just standing still it can feel like my leg wants to break in half.  I also have to kind of lift my leg up and jimmy a little out of the locked position.

For basically three years because of my right knee problems I practically solely used my left leg with no problems.  Ever since those pops last Oct. it seems to have gone down hill.

I'm in Japan and it's a huge inconvenience to get this all checked out.  I'm on the edge of concern, but I need someone to either push me over or pull me back.  It might be just overuse; I get the feeling it isn't but I have never had an overuse problem before so I don't know.  Anyone have an idea what this could be?  Im getting a moped soon so I can finally stop biking.  Anyone have a similar experience?


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What kind of surgery did you have? Do you have cartilage damage?
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