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« on: March 30, 2008, 02:36:35 PM »

My name is Arber Shabani and I am on my final year studying Digital Modelling in Hertfordshire University. I recently broke my foot and had to use crutches for 7 weeks, although it was for temporary use, during the last weeks of using the crutches my palms started to hurt from the pressure. Even though there were many other problems with the crutches I fount this to be the most irritating problem as I would have to stop walking and massage my palms to relive the pain. This is when I decided that for my final project I would re-design crutches for patients with leg injuries. 
I am at the point of collecting research for my project and I would like to ask someone with medical experience a few questions.
What would you say are the main disadvantages with existing crutches?
What are the main injuries that result in the patient having to use crutches?
What part of the body or leg do these injuries affect?
What injuries would result in the patient needing crutches permanently?
Finally could you please give me some information on how I can gather extended research on this issue such as books, internet sites etc.

Thank you

Arber Shabani