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Author Topic: ACL Reconstruction & Medial Meniscus Meniscectomy Post op diary - help!  (Read 1576 times)

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I went into hospital on 27th October 2008 to have an acl reconstruction using the patella tendon graft and also a medial meniscus meniscectomy.

When i woke up after the op, i was wearing a large straight heavy padded splint (cricket pad splint). I wasn't expecting this.

When the consultant came round to see me, he told me that i had a very small patella and the bone they took for the graft was quite a substantial sized piece compared to the size of the patella. Therefore it was at risk of fracturing so i was put in the splint to immobilise the knee.

I was kept in this splint for 3 weeks. Non weight bearing and not allowed to do any physio except static quads and straight leg raises (not that i could do them)!

I then had an appointment with my consultant and he said i could change to a hinged brace set 0-90 degrees and start physio. I could also begin to partially weight bear and gradually progress to fully weight bearing over the following 4 weeks.

Well, i started physio and it seemed an impossible task to even begin to bend my knee. A combination of severe stiffness and pain meant i struggled to get to 30 degrees. I had lost an awful lot of muscle and couldn't even make my quads contract.

As the weeks went on i got the flexion to 55 degrees and it was stuck at this, but by now this was 6 weeks post op! I also hadn't managed a straight leg raise. So with a week to go before i saw my surgeon again, the physio suggested some hydrotherapy.

I went along twice that week and felt a lot better about things afterwards. For a start i managed to walk in the water (holding on to rail and physio) this wasn't easy but it was an acheivement! After the second session the physio measured my knee and the flexion had increased to 65 degrees. I was so happy, i thought that was the start of the bend improving.

I went to see my consultant that week and he was happy for the brace to come off. I was apprehensive about this, as my whole leg felt so weak, but he assured me i would be ok. He said the progress i had made was ok under the circumstances.

Well i am now nearly 11 weeks post op and stuck at 65 flexion. The strength has improved - i can do a straight leg raise, one leg stand just about by holding on to something. However, i am still on crutches as i don't seem to have enough strength or balance to ditch them. I am seriously concerned about the flexion. I go to see my surgeon again on 30th January and i know he is going to want me back in for an MUA if flexion is the same as it is now.

Has anybody been in this situation? I am desperate for some advice.