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Author Topic: Keyhole surgery is the best and Tibia Nail not too long. Hylais pad?? anyone?  (Read 794 times)

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I have posted before on the emergency side because I was told by my doctor that my 2nd IM nail was too long. I had leg rebroken and 2nd nail 20/07/07 to correct first op 15/02/07 IM nailing 30 degree marotation. Seeing a private knee specialist I found that my nail was not the cause of my knee pain and that I had infection in my knee from 2nd op and arthrofibrosis. Yesterday I had keyhole surgery to remove the scar tissue and a general knee MOT. My surgeon was not able to remove all the scar tissue but said see how it goes with loads of physio starting next week. My surgeon also found that I have OA and he had to shave and resurface my knee. He also put that I had R/O Hylais Pad does this mean anything to anybody?
I was surprised to find that although my knee is sore it is not painful and I am able to walk around unaided although I am mostly RICEing at the moment as per doctors orders. The DVD I was given of the highlights of my surgery is interesting but I wish it had commentary too to make more sense of it...its not at all gory.
Given the choice |I would go for keyhole surgery everytime its so much better.
Take care.
02/07 fractures proximal fib, distal 1/3 Tibia and posterior malleolar
IM Nail put in 30 degrees malrotated
07/07 leg surgically rebroken corrective osteotomy 2nd IM nail, knee pain and lump
03/08 Arthofibrosis, OS
Fat pad removed, chondroplasty, Arthroscopy LOA
06/08 LOA, MUA, complete septum