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Author Topic: New Knee at 31??  (Read 1209 times)

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New Knee at 31??
« on: March 15, 2008, 10:44:40 AM »

It's been a while since I posted an update. My knee problems have taken me in many directions and quite frankly I've had enough! Too cut a long story short a neurologist diagnosed me with focal dystonia of the ankle and regional pain syndrome. For anyone wondering what dystonia is, as I did myself, it is a neurological movement disorder. My left foot is crooked and I quite often trip over it! None very handy if your left knee is a serious problem also!!!

I was treated under the glorious NHS and they told me that the neurological condition has no cure and my left knee was a mess, but I was way too young to have treatment. I am 31. They told me to return in 30 years for a knee replacement and to have a stiff upper lip!!!

I quickly decided I couldn't put up with having a left leg that was completely useless and refused to believe nothing could be done. I gave up the idea of buying a house and moved in with my beautiful and supportive parents. We agreed that private care was the only route to go. My new neurologist has given me a host of drugs to manage the Dystonia. My wee foot and ankle remain crooked and in a spint as I have been told the damage is now permanent as it was left for so long untreated.

As for my knee, well my new OS has found a huge hole in my patella and the surrounding bone is very badly damaged. My knee will happily dislocate at the drop of a hat! My lovely OS has thought long and hard and has decided to give me a new knee?? I am concerned as I am only 31 and it is true to say I have little faith in doctors. My OS has said I have no quality of life and this must be restored, therefore this is the only option. He said why wait for 20 years when you need it now. I should explain that because the knee has been left for so long by the NHS we have no other option. He is going to bill the NHS personally for the operation!!

So what do you guys think? I feel I am up that certain creek without a paddle, but I so desperately want my life back.

Ally xx


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Re: New Knee at 31??
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2008, 01:20:46 PM »
I had a "Journey Knee" made from a new product called Oxnium and they are suppose to outlast all the others. See it at 

Yes, 31 is the youngest I heard for a TKR and the average age is 70 to 85 that have it done.  First one I had so I have nothing to compare it to but at 110 days out the only gripe I have is it snaps and pops a lot almost as if it is hanging up on something inside. Every step I take it snaps and pops at least twice and most of the time three snaps. I sit with my legs dangling and rotate it and it snaps and pops like the 4th of July firecrackers. No joke, people in the room can hear it and it is very embarassing with everybody zeroing in on you being the wierd noise maker. A lot of people draw up and say hearing it snap and pop makes their skin crawl. And besides that, when it snaps I can feel it hurting inside and when I see the OS for a follow up last of this month I hope he tells me something good and the snapping will go away with time. Based on the popping I would never have another Journey Knee replacement because no way that snapping could be the norm and I hope they didn't install it wrong.

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Re: New Knee at 31??
« Reply #2 on: March 15, 2008, 07:29:24 PM »

Here is a link that shows you a computer assisted knee replacement.   If you have found a surgeon willing to do a TKR for you .. go for it.  He is thinking about your quality of life.   I am sure you have tried every bandaid to prevent this step but when push comes to shove.   You found someone in your corner. 

I was 35 when I had my knee replaced

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Re: New Knee at 31??
« Reply #3 on: March 17, 2008, 03:34:29 PM »
I agree with Plumb, 31 is not too young, especially when it will restore your quality of life.

I had bi-lateral TKRs at 36

/hugs and Good Luck to you :)

18 years - 7 surgeries and 2 manipulations.
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1 scope to left knee
Bi-Lateral TKRs in Sept of 2006
Bi-Lateral MUA in Feb of 2007
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