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Author Topic: MRI results  (Read 1110 times)

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MRI results
« on: March 13, 2008, 04:20:20 AM »
My son was hit by a car in the lower leg, below the knee.  His MRI results are back but the DR needs time to read them or whatever it is they do.  I could use some help understanding some of the things that were written on it before we go to see the DR.  There was no ACL tear.  There is a tear of the PCL; extensive bone marrow edema; no fracture; bony contusions in the tibia; ACL strain; moderate-sized joint effusion of the knee; prominent bony contusion in plateau.  My son still cannot walk on his leg and the injury occurred appx 3 wks ago.  He had really bad swelling and while in the ER the DRs put a pressure monitor into the leg and it was so swollen that they discussed "splitting the skin (?) to relieve the pressure".  The leg is still very swollen and awakens my son at night.  The DR ordered the MRI because he thought there was - I think he said he thought there was an ACL tear and that the surgery for this would require an "open" knee surgery vs arthroscopy. 

Please help a mother trying to calm a son -- we are both worried that there seems to be no progress with the swelling or the pain.  I appreciate any help.  Thanks, VShirley

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Re: MRI results
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2008, 05:06:28 AM »
I can't be much help for the first part, but as to the "splitting the skin" to relieve pressure, most likely they were referring to a fasciotomy to reuce compartment syndrome.  I have compartment syndomre in my leg but have not seen an OS yet, so the only info I have is what I've found online.  Try loking it up on some trust worthy sites, there's lots of info on it.  It's either acute (from an injury), or chronic.  Basically an area, or 'compartment' in your leg (or wherever is affected) gets swollen, and the skin covering the muscle (called the fascia) does not stretch.  So to relieve the pressure the fascia has to be cut.
If they decided against it, then they must think that it will heal on it's own.  Keep an eye on the swelling and a feeling of pressure build up in his leg.  It's not always serious (I've had mine for over a year), but it can be very painful and should be taken care of by a Dr.

Remember, this is just my own experience - the next time your son is at the Dr, make sure he mentions it, and have the Dr check it out and make his diagnosis. 
if it does happen to be compartment syndrome, I've found that Dr's don't readily diagnose it, so be sure to ask if it should be something you should be watching out for.

Good luck!

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Re: MRI results
« Reply #2 on: March 13, 2008, 08:09:19 AM »
I cannot beleive how long it's all taking for you considering the injury. I am currently waiting for my MRI (this friday)- suspected busted acl. Went to the doc who said the knee clinic will call - well 3 days later they did and said the doc was on holiday can you wait another 2 weeks???!! can I heck! I had already seen a sports physio privately and we have started treatment and advice - sod the docs and the wait. The MRI results are going straight to the physio and we will continue correct treatment from there.
I also had massive pain - the first couple days were okay but I pushed it too hard and got an 'intusion?' - ie bleeding into the knee -m WOW does that hurt....Physio advice was to keep the leg straight in the brace (you must have one yes?) and walk on my heel (ie REST rather than trying to excercise too soon)- this defo helps and some serious painkillers - your doc should prerscribe strong ones including anti inflammatory creams etc.

My advice to you is do not wait. Go see a knee specialist or physio privately asap and start some sort of treatment or at least solid swelling & pain advice.