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Author Topic: Ways and Means to COPE with an ODD BOD  (Read 2156 times)

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Ways and Means to COPE with an ODD BOD
« on: July 25, 2003, 06:13:19 PM »
OK I have found that for ME some of the things that work are:
HEAT- Heat packs, hot baths, hot showers
MEDICATIONS - I use MsContin, Neurontin, Vioxx, Adalat,
SUPPLIMENTS - Glucosamine, Zinc, Chrome, S.C.F,
DISTRACTION - trying to take my mind off what ever is most painful. (crafts, reading, DVD movies, Net, Projects, shopping and my DOG)
BRACING - what ever is sorest or needs most support (I cannot use tape as my skin is TOO sensitive and it breaks open and oozes).
REST - sometimes just laying in or on the bed and watching Tv, surfing the net etc helps.
SLEEP - I find that a drop or two on my pillow helps me to get to sleep, and stay there (SOMETIMES); pillows and lots of them, to support sore bits and the joints above and below if needed.
EXERCISE - and by this I mean walking around the house or to the mailbox, going out shopping or something fun, and not gym work or PT (as these actually make my pain worse).
HUMOR - I mean without a sense of humor I would simply curl up in a ball and CRY my life away (sometimes at least).
SUPPORT - From those here and from other Odd Bods on the Net etc.
SERVICE/ASSISTANCE DOG - Boo helps me when we are out by acting as a buffer to prevent people from bumping and injuring me, and Hopefully will learn to pick up things I drop and give them too me.

WEll that is all I can think off for now, does anyone have anythign to add and more specific ideas that they use???? that they can add
Sharon  :-*
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Re: Ways and Means to COPE with an ODD BOD
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2003, 07:20:23 PM »
Great Idea Sharon :)
Hmm how do I deal?

Heating pads -  for my back really help relax me adn dull the pain to put me to sleep

Ice - for my ankle or anyother tendon that is acting up

Kyler - my nephew who will keep my busy and smiling when I am up for it and always seesm to know when to play fight and when to just cuddle up to his auntie

Work - going to work keeps my mind off everything and since my fellow workers know what i am going through (bad knee and sprained ankle at least) they dont question me sitting dow for extended periods of time or 'modifing' the lab a bit to make it easier for me

Music - I have always been a music buff but know I cant stand to not have music on (nice soothing r&b when Im in a good mood or alternative music when Im feelign bad)

Medications - The only thing I have felt that works at all is the anti-depressant took my back pain away (but has left me feeling lightheaded so i have to 'modify' this when i go to my doctors next week)

Friends - going to or watching movies with my friends always helps

Hatty Potter - lol I started reading these books at the end of june and am already half-way through the last book!  Dont know what im going to read when I am done these... any suggestions?

and finally

YOU GUYS for supporting me through everything and listening to all my whining and still posting happy thoughts for me :)  I couldnt have gone through this last 'transition' year of normal to HMS without you guys :)

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Re: Ways and Means to COPE with an ODD BOD
« Reply #2 on: July 26, 2003, 01:05:17 AM »
Well Shaz has covered it all for me really.  Don't have much else to add except

POOL THERAPY- Great way of getting muscle strength, maintaining/achieving ROM, relaxing, and keeping joints working as smoothly as possible.

PEPTO-BISMO- Ooohhh thank god for that stuff.  I prefer it even over gaviscon, tums, rolaids, and malox.  GREAT stuff for almost anything gut wise that ails' you.  

SERVICE DOG/ANIMAL-And yes, I wish to echo what Shaz said about her service dog Boo.  Hannah is an in-home only service dog and helps me out tremendously with everything from getting dressed in the morning, throughout the day picking up things I drop, fetching things on low shelves, and opening/shutting low drawers, and then helping me to undress at night.  I hope that my parents will one day 'see the light' and allow me to aquire a standard poodle that can assist me with bigger doggie tasks as well as help me out of the home too.

MOVIES-Yes, thank goodness for DVDs, VHS, and satillite t.v.  Wonderful distractions!  For those who are stuck in the house a lot and have days when they are stuck in bed a t.v in your room is wonderful.  Dad installed my t.v from the rec room into my bedroom and it's been such a good thing for me at night when I can't sleep, on days when I am too ill to leave my room, and when I just need to rest.  

ART- There's an artist in everyone I think!  You don't even need anything fancy... just a box of crayons, some tracing paper, and a magazine and you'd be surprised how fun it can be to trace something from a magazine and then embellish it with crayola magic.  

And yes, I too must add that knowing other odd bods has helped me tremendously in dealing with this and venting it to someone who understands completely.  Without my very special friends I've met here I probably would have become depressed and withdrawn but talking to people who are going through such similar things helps a great deal.

Guess that's all I've got to add for now.

(((Hugs))) my very special odd bod friends

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7 yrs of knee troubles (maltracking, maybe plica).  
Finally found wonderful OS(#4)!
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Re: Ways and Means to COPE with an ODD BOD
« Reply #3 on: August 03, 2003, 09:27:20 AM »
hello my felloe Odd Bods,
to cope with me i think my mum would go insane with out some of this stuff
My Cat - Hai-Hai keeps me amussed for hours when i cant do stuff
Skool/homework - unless i cant use my hand or arm homework keeps my mind busy
Net - thank god for the internet!!!!!! talkin' or seeing how my fellow Odd Bods are doing is fun and doesnt take much leg work
Heat packs/ ice packs - heat packs or ice packs ease the pain a little bit
heat rub/ demazone - numbing creams dont really do much but make you not be able to feel which can come in handy sometimes
T.V./video/DvD - thank god for the person that created the telly  :-* i think that i would go insane when i cant do anything!!
Soccer - when my arms are immobile i kick the soccer ball round for a few hours
sleeping - some times sleeping does help but im real sproty so i dont do much of that!
swimming - swimming helps when you can jus swim some laps at your local pool
ummm i think thats it :) wuv Kristy :-*
P.S. every one stay safe and mobile
I dislocate every thing and have had two operations one on each knee