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Author Topic: Hi Please read this :)  (Read 3590 times)

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Hi Please read this :)
« on: September 22, 2002, 06:17:41 AM »
Hey everyone

Just had a question for anyone who could be of assistance.  I had a lateral reconstruction june 13th (there are lots of posts about it on here).  My question is:  Today I went shopping with my aunt at IKEA (big big store)  We walked around for about 4 hours there then went to a mall for about an hour.  My knee felt absolutly perfect.  No pain no tiredness nothing (and i didnt take anything before, durign or after the trip).  However, sitting in the car on the ride home (I was in the back seat of a honda crv for aobut an hour) My knee got extremly painful to the poitn i was almost in tears.  It was like a dull aching feeling that just wouldnt go away and i had to keep moving to try to alleviate the pain even a small amount.  Right now its doign good though.  A little sore but nothing that isnt normal.  I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas as to why this would be.  Thanx, hope everyone is doing well out there:)

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Re: Hi Please read this :)
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2002, 02:15:17 PM »
Stacey, the rear seats are not really the most comfortable for a busted knee.  Most of us seem to be better in the front or even draped across the back seat rather than sitting with our knees bent into a pattern devised to maximise the number of people in the vehicle rather than the comfort of a travelling busted knee sufferer.

How was the circulation in your feet when you got out of the car?  any pins and needles?  They do spend a lot of time warning us about "cattle-class" syndrome (deep vein thrombosis) and suggest that prolonged auto rides are also a possible cause, an hour doesn't seem long but then you have undergone surgery and and it's well worthwhile to be cautious.

Hope you're feeling well and the knees are on the mend!
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Re: Hi Please read this :)
« Reply #2 on: September 22, 2002, 02:25:27 PM »
Hi Stacey

I get what you have described a fair bit, especially since surgery, and it seems to be due to circulation as Ross suggested. The ways I have found of dealing with it are: rotate your ankes and wiggle your toes at regular intervals, try to ensure the seat in front is far enough forward to allow you to stretch, put your legs up on the seat if you can, tense your muscles up often and on very long journeys make sure you stop and stretch your legs every hour or so. Ive never had a DVT so dont start panicking about that, but sitting in one position for a long time can restrict the supply of O2 to your muscles and cause the painful ache you have described.

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Re: Hi Please read this :)
« Reply #3 on: September 23, 2002, 01:36:00 AM »
Hey Stacey
First off, congrats on all of that mall walking!  WOW, 4hrs and no pain meds?  That is totally amazing.  

Im a front seat passenger only.  If I cannot ride in the front seat, I do not ride at all.  And even riding in the front seat I find car rides to be excruciating.  If you absolutely have no choice than perhaps a quick stop every 30 mins, or even 15 mins to stretch would be good.  It doesn't have to be a Tim Hortons stop or anything.  My dad pulled over on the side of the road every hour for me so I could get out, walk around the car a few times, and stretch a bit.  That's really the only advice I have.  

Hope you are feeling better now!

(((hug))) n' healing


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Re: Hi Please read this :)
« Reply #4 on: September 23, 2002, 04:13:46 AM »
Other things that can help with riding in cars (or so I have found)
*Lying across the back seat (ie from one door to the other  (with seatbelts still on to be legal or a letter from your doctor saying you need to sit this way and can't wear a seatbelt) and a pillow under the "sore" knee to absorb bounces etc,
* A pillow under your feet on the floor of the car to absorb the bumps etc that travel up you leg to you "Sore Knee" and possibily a small pillow under you "butt" so that you knee isnt touching the seat (you can get nice cheap inflateable pillows for this which are compact and easier as you can deflate them when not needed and store them (this also helps as the pillow under your feet helps by taking any dragging pressure off of your legs and thus your knee,
*Taking pain meds BEFORE the trip to help,
*If travelling sitting up then in the front seat with the seat as far back as it goes (more leg room),
* If your "sore" knee is against the door or anything else then again a peice or foam, inflateable pillow or pillow between the door etc and your knee (again to protect it),
*Wear loose clothes and your brace if you have one to help with any instability feelings and pain  if you still use one,
* As rhea said stop frequently and move about (If this is impossible then doe ankle and foot movements (Like they tell you to do you DVT, and move your position in the seat (ie, butt position) frequently,
*Try anything you can think of to make travelling more comfortable and thius to make life easier (don't worry about what others say or what looks you get if you get into a car with 10 pillows , who cares as long as it is comfortable and there is less pain etc,
* when I was 12 and injures my pelvis ands hips (I spent 18months travelling in the back of our family station wagon lying flat on my back or tummy on a mattress in the back of the car (you do need a letter from the doctor to do this and a very good medical reason why as wearing a seatbelt is IMPOSSIBLE like this) but as I was unable to sit up for more than abot 1 min this was the only way I could get to the doctors or anywhere (the doc's was more than 3 hrs away).
- All these things go for travelling in planes to but the inflateable pillows stored deflated in a backpack is more logical in this case, as is letting the airline know BEFORE HAND that you have a problem and need to sit with say injured side to the window so it doesn't get kicked or bumped and you may need assistance with getting to and from the plane and also I have found that the airlines here in Australia will also Pre-board you if you ask so that you can get on the plane 1st and with out the crowd so you don't get bumped or jostled and you can get in your seat and "pad up" etc before the others board.

I hope this helps as I have found that it does and maybe one or more of these ideas will help others (bye the way this can go for any body part not just knees, I always do this with my shoulders etc too)  ;D
Sorry this is soooo long but I hope it helps someone
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Re: Hi Please read this :)
« Reply #5 on: September 23, 2002, 05:05:24 AM »

I get this alot too, since my TTT and LR on June 26th. I usually just sit normally for as long as possible and then stretch my leg out on the back seat untill my knee feels better. Sitting normally for a while might help accustom your knee to this position and cut down on the pain. Also, for long trips take a cooler with sodas and ice and such in it and also some plastic bags to make ice packs when you get sore. If you have an ice cuff w/cooler attachment that is the best for long trips!! Hope this helps.

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Re: Hi Please read this :)
« Reply #6 on: September 24, 2002, 04:21:22 PM »
Hi Stacey,

I know what you mean!  I'm at the point now where I can do almost everything.  No pain, very little discomfort most of the time.   Next week, I'm slated to attempt running...  stairs still a bit stiff, but I can do them.  I can walk forever.
But stick me in a movie theater for two hours, and the knee gets very sore, and when I get up,my limp comes right back for 5-10 min....  I was lucky two weeks ago at a Red Sox game that one of the few empty seats in the park was in front of me (so I could put my foot up), or I might have been in trouble.
I think this is pretty normal..  even when you get functionality back, the muscles still take a while to get used to normal sitting positions for long durations...
I also have a Honda CRV, and if I have to drive on a long trip, I'll fold a blanket under my left leg (and fortunately, I'm pretty short), so I can get it almost straight while the right foot drives.  
Next time you're in the back with another person, try sticking you foot up on the drink holder in the middle. The CRV's have  a milllion drink holders, so it shouldn't bother the two up front!
Good Luck!
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