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Author Topic: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary  (Read 89314 times)

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Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
« Reply #675 on: February 06, 2018, 09:41:25 PM »
So i have decided this is where my diary ends as i want to start next year fresh!  :D :D

So after three years, three top knee surgeons, arguments conflicts with surgeons

An MPFL reconstruction, chondroplasty medical plica excision
a missed ripped ACL which could be seen on an old MRI which the first surgeon took!
Then to find out i have a connective tissue disorder and a heart condition, that three surgeons with a total of 75 years experience missed lol! that a anaesthetist diagnosed me with the disorder and not the consultants lol!

some people have asked me "Have i lost faith in medicine?"
I suppose you can say i have lost faith in the techniques way of diagnosis, and not remembering the basics, attitude in the sense of "God" like "Im always right persona" when in fact i proved them wrong lol.

You know a physican William Olsen once said "Listen to your patient they are telling you the diagnosis."

I hope this teaches patients and doctors alike that doctors need to listen more rather than jump to a conclusion of arrogance fold their arms shrug, tap fingers on a more humble, empathy, listen and they need to do every diagnostics including the basics before a conclusion is reached.........

Not every doctors knows about every condition and should be aware of this and should seek other advice to create the correct diagnosis....
Never fear asking a doctor a question if something is wrong your body is telling you for a reason...........

Some people have said to me my first surgeon owes me an apology i suppose i will never get it from him, as he is too proud, even though now knowing i have this connectivity disorder the ligament reconstruction with an autograft rather an an allograft he did has a high risk of failing and losing my kneecap...... which could have been prevented if things like family history beighton and brighton score, skin elasticity checks were done if i got an apology from him i don't know what i would say!!

Yes i lost 3 years but i hope through awareness by giving presentations as a case study that actually i may save other people from this, and make the differences aware of hypermobility and connective tissue disorder......

in life there is always hope and im glad i got referred to that hospital in london because the knee got fixed and i actually finally got a diagnosis from a random anaesthetist ... sometimes its amazing how destiny can create our future,

I hope patients can learn that you have a right to ask a question and sometimes the doctors are not always right, because of lack of experience etc, just research everything about your condition and research your surgeon to make sure you get the right care and help...

But there is always hope in random events i do believe there are good doctors out there, but within orthopaedics there is a lot to be learned in the area of hyper mobility and if not checked properly can create more problems.....

My right knee is finally fixed i can now at least walk a road without my knee collapsing sometimes as they say
"sometimes you have to learn to just dance in the rain rather than wait for the storm to pass"
Now im living again........   :) :)

Thank you for all your advice and help and support its time for me to live now  ;) ;)

Thanks for the insite bud. I had to browse it a few dozen pages every hundred. I dislocated my knee wrestling at 17 and its recurring and now they want me to get this surgery. Did you ever get back on the mat?

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Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
« Reply #676 on: February 10, 2018, 02:48:00 PM »
So i have decided this is where my diary ends as i want to start nextyear fresh!  :D :D

Lucha has not been on since 22nd April 2017, she did say will end her post-op diary so are unlikely to get a reply back again? Might get a response clicking on the link below Positive 'MPFL surgery experience' Good luck with your recovery.

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