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Author Topic: Plica conservative treatment?  (Read 1058 times)

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Plica conservative treatment?
« on: February 03, 2008, 03:43:26 AM »
Does anyone actually know of a case in which a problematic plica went away after physical therapy?

Here's my situation.  (I posted here before, but months ago.)

I was a runner in high school, until I developed knee pain about 10 years ago.  My dad dragged me to several orthopedists, and got several opinions.  One was plica, one was medially tracking patella.  Decided to try PT, then surgery.  Did PT.  Caused me constant pain 24 hours a day until I stopped going.  Tried another round.  Same result.  Life happened, I never had the arthroscopy.  Once I stopped jogging and stopped going to PT, the pain was rare and mild, so it wasn't a priority.

Now, I'm dealing with an ankle problem, and my abnormal gait, plus the exercises I've been doing have once again triggered my knee pain.  Bad right knee, bad right ankle.  Joy.

I've finally found some answers to my ankle pain, and I will soon undergo arthroscopic debridement.  As I see it, I have no choice regarding the ankle problem.  I walk with a cane, my husband has to do all the grocery shopping for me, and just going to work is almost more than I can handle.  I am 27 years old and crippled by ankle pain, and the probability of getting better without surgery is remote.  So, I'll do ankle surgery ASAP.

I'd also like to have my plica removed.  (Diagnostic injection confirmed that's the problem).  However, it is my personal belief that the time to have orthopedic surgery is when not doing so is insane.  With the ankle, that time has come.  With the knee, it hasn't.  Assuming my ankle gets 100% better, my knee won't limit my activities all that much.  Certainly I'll be able to walk as much as I want.  Still, going a year without the ability to do anything athletic has made me value it.  I'd like a knee that will jog and play basketball, but at the same time there are risks involved, and I'm not sure it's worth it. 

Still, it would be awful convenient to do knee and ankle at the same time, being as the recovery times are similarly SHORT!

So, does anyone have thoughts?  In particular, accurate diagnosis in hand, is it at all likely that I can end my plica symptoms by icing and doing wall squats and other isometric quad exercises?  Anyone ever have 2 unrelated surgeries on one leg at one time?

You are all wonderful people, thanks in advance for any wisdom you have to share.