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Author Topic: strange things goin on!  (Read 1115 times)

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strange things goin on!
« on: February 01, 2008, 04:29:14 PM »
ok Im 3 wks post op hardware removal as some of you may know. Been doing ok. STill on ctutches. yesterday though. my knee started hurting in a way it hasnt since  ohh... about two wks after i first broke my patella. Its  not as bad as it was that first week..its about the 2-3 week kinda...its just like this darting pain that repeatedly darts all under and around the lower half of my patella. Also, If i am sitting in a chair and try to bend at the waist, like to ben over and reach towards the floor i feel alot of pain in my thigh of all places. PLUS since this last surgery  l also experience shooting pain in my foot. But the darting pain in my knee is  driving me crazy it feels like a bee keeps stinging me over and over again there. I try different positions, ice...made it worse, i dunno. im a little scared because my OS told me there was a chance the patella might shift after removing hardware. I had been stretching it the past few days and walking aorund more without my crutch a little here and there. Now im worried. However, it is snowing here so maybe this is just a snow pain? I dunno ive not felt this type of pain like i said since i  was first pieced back together last year. any ideas? Its not any more swollen, theres no new bruising, the pain isnt above knee cap, only right below it also the backof knee is hurting a little..thats new too.


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Re: strange things goin on!
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2008, 02:27:59 PM »
well it would seem that no one else has experienced this since no one has replied...hmmmm ;) anyway just to update,,,the bee stings are getting less frequent YEAH!!!! but sharp pains still keep me up at night like last night...they just kinda wake me up.. i still cant bend over without my femur feeling like its gonna crack into! havta ask my OS about that later this month. I put down one crutch as of yesterday and am walking off and on without anything just to try and prevent my osteopenia from getting worse. I am going back to the gym today and getting back in the pool. My OS said i couldnt swim as long as the incision wasnt totally healed...well it is now so im hitting the water sometime today. I gotta get my quad to wake up it is so limp & wasted. But i am feeling some relief now..its about 4 weeks post op today as a matter of fact.
 i am bending it instead of holding it straight but man oh man is it ever tight! got to get faithful with my stretching again ..starting today! I really dont want another surgery like he wants to do the scope to see why my knee is popping and clicking and disgusting but i have really been reading multiple posts this week and have learned something...everyone with broken patella like me....same  thing. Some have been " recovered" from their broken patella for years and still popping, grinding and doesnt hurt but it feels very weird its gonna slide sideways off my leg...pretty much. yep thats it. sliding sensation with each pop and grind.
 My last x ray Jan 22 showed a " ridge" behind the knee OS  's med assistant thinks thats whats causing the melodious tune. :) But my OS  said " could be ,could be but then again could be lotsa other things too..." SO i dunno. i think im gonna put my heart into swim therapy and stretching, etc and just deal with it for now....the option  for more surgery will always be there. all i know is i spent last summer looking out of my window in my wheelchair while everyone else had tons of fun...that aint happening this year...its my favorite time of year and im getting out one way or hubby and I bought a canoe last year and havent even been in it yet. so i gotta make tracks and get to work. ..but I will be careful.