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Author Topic: Mcl Operation  (Read 1477 times)

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Mcl Operation
« on: January 30, 2008, 03:16:12 PM »
Hi everyone,great site and some very interesting topics.I'll keep this short as i want people to help me out.Basically i am 26 years old,in good shape and i tore my mcl(grade 3) just over 3 months ago playing football and had an operation on my knee shortly afterwards as the surgeon said if i wanted to play competitive football again i would need the operation.The operation was a success and i was in a cast for 6 weeks,then a knee brace for 6 weeks and the last 2 weeks ive been back driving and in the gym.I am now walking,using bike/cross trainer and most other machines but still not allowed run on treadmill until hopefully next week.My physio told me this morning that the surgeon said on friday it was very unlikely i will ever play competitive football again despite saying the exact opposite before and immediately after the op.Has anyone on here had a smiliar injury? Does anyone know if there is hope for me to play again? Any other thoughts/opinions or advice will be greatly appreciated as i am seriously depressed since my meeting with the physio as i thought i was doing great and eagerly awaiting to return to play football.Thank You


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Re: Mcl Operation
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2008, 07:07:07 PM »
sorry you had a bad news day. those are always tough. i was devasted at my last visit. I was hoping after hardware removal 3 wks ago hed clear me n it be all over with...right! not a chance instead im having new problems, new pains, he wants to another surgery to see whats going on now,  I was hoping id get cleared to increase my activities like cycling, hiking, chance. he told me i can swim, bike a little walk a little but mostly swim.  I have gained ten pounds since surgery and with my knee and having osteopenia in foot, and now leg and knee, osteoarthritis in hips, i dont need to carry any excess weight, but i sure am so I asked about running he said no way no weights  either which i need weight bearing exercises to increase my bone mass but its not an option.  BUT i dont have the same prob u do either. I smashed my patella 9 months ago. Press your OS about other options like lidocaine/cortizone injections,  or other injections, modalities at rehab, doing flutterkicks and running in a swimming pool or step ups in swimming pool, but sometimes if you dont ask your OS they dont mention these options they are surgeons and think like surgeons and if the treatment doesnt involve surgery they dont think to mention :-\
Hearing things other than what you hoped for is so frustrating so i am sorry about that. Know that we all understand these frustrations and totally sympathize. that wont get you playing football again but when your having a bad day and feel like  no one  around you understands what you  are feeling...there are those that do. Before you have to deal with accepting and coming to to terms with the fact that you may never play again, ask about those other options first okay? if it comes down to it you may then have to go through the " acceptance" transition. There are lots of folks in here who can help get you through that...if the time comes...but ask first and do alot of research...even check out a good chiropractor maybe...they claim they have success with knee pt's wiht non invasive treatments other DR's dont or wont try.