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Author Topic: shortyclairebear-1 year post op! so far so good!  (Read 3347 times)

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shortyclairebear-1 year post op! so far so good!
« on: January 25, 2008, 06:01:12 PM »
hi there!  ;D

i am now 1 year post op,from a lateral release,medial reefing and VMO advancement.

i have had my ups and downs along the way (the downs including a fall down 14 stairs 5 weeks post op!) .............but now i am on the "other side" and over the worst and i can say having the op was a good move to make!

my knee feels so much more stable then before the operation and has healed very well.
i am still working on the strenghtening stuff and it feels as near to "normal" as i think it can do!
i can even wear heels again now!  ( i feel a bit achey after a few hours but hey, i am in my thirties!!  :)  ;)  ;D )

for anyone having problems with theirs knees i hope this post can give you some reassurance and hope that it can be possible to get over knee problems and get back to a reasonable life again where your knees do not rule your life!

i do not get to post as much as i used to,with working full time,and i always seem to find there are not hours in the day but want to thank all the "cyber friends" i have made over the last year for your support and kind words that helped me through some pretty dark days.
i will still be lurking about to see how you are all doing when i can!

take care and thanks again to you all!

claire x
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i had a motorcycle accident-landed on right knee!(mar 05)
...arthroscopy - 4th feb 06.
...VMO Advancement,LR+JMedial reefing - 24th jan 07.
...28 feb 07 i fell down 14 stairs.....more pain and stress! at PT working on ROM and strenghening