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Author Topic: Bilateral Scope  (Read 1636 times)

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Bilateral Scope
« on: January 25, 2008, 01:09:15 AM »
Hey Guys, I've been reading on here this evening and decided to post.  I'm 41 years old.

I had both knees MRI'd last week and meet the OS for the results today.  He's going to do a bi-lateral scope on Feb 12.  I didn't write all the technical names down.  I wish I had, probably a man thing LOL.  He drew it out all nice and neat on the examine table paper.  I started to tear the paper off and take with me.  I asked the nurse, Which knee are you going to do first?  And her response was, we're going to do them both at once.  I didn't know that they would do both at once but that's good.

I do remember that both medial meniscus were torn and one had a cyst.  There was Chondromalacia of both patellas and arthritis/scar tissue.  I'm forgetting something else. He's said he would go in and do a general house cleaning.  I'm pleased with the Dr.  He comes with a good reputation.  And has done a replacement on my Uncle.

In 2002/2003 I had both scoped for torn meniscus, Chondromalacia of one patella with torn stuff on the femoral Condoyle .   About a year later I began to have problems and was told it was arthritis and scar tissue.  I've had 3 rounds of hylagan and cortizone shots when I have bad flare up.  I'm looking forward to hopefully some pain relief.  He said I could try to wait longer if I wanted but I said when it gets to hating to have to go up stairs to kiss the kids good night,,,,then it's time to do something

Anyway, what can I expect having both done at once??


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Re: Bilateral Scope
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2008, 01:43:32 PM »
Hi Tom,

I had a bilateral scope in July 2007.  Here is my post op diary.  It wasn't so bad.  The biggest trouble I had was using the bathroom, it's a lot farther down than it looks!  Otherwise it was tolerable.  Good luck.

'83 lt knee scope
'88 lt knee LR
'89 rt knee LR (6 mos. after left)
'05 rt knee scope (clean up)
7/5/07 - scope, LR left, right clean
3/19/08 - LR failed, Supartz failed
8/21/08 - new OS apt
8/5/09 - TTT, LR, PFJR sched.

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Re: Bilateral Scope
« Reply #2 on: January 25, 2008, 02:11:39 PM »
Hi Tom,

I had both knees done at once - lateral release and chondroplasty. I agree with Milly that the toilet seat was VERY low!! Not something you even think about beforehand. If you can borrow or rent a toilet seat raiser then do it, as it'll make life so much easier, though blokes don't have to sit as often as we do LOL!! I managed without, though I had a nearby bench to use for leverage.

I was walking the next day (though not all OSs have the same protocol regarding this) and found the pain to be bearable. I took regular pain killers for a couple of days and then just at night. Sleeping was the worst, as it was hard to get comfortable with two sore knees. I was driving after a week.

My advise would be to elevate the legs (above the heart) as much as you can and use ice regularly  (packets of frozen corn or peas work really well and are cheap and reusable - just mark them first so they don't get eaten!!). I never sat on the couch if I could be lying in bed with my legs up and ice packs on. Don't plan on doing much for the first couple of days, as if you can keep the legs up and rested to keep the swelling under control then you are off to a good start. Find plenty of things to do while lying in bed, as it gets boring quickly! And start doing lots of straight leg raises to get your quads stronger, as the surgery can bump them off pretty quick - though you probably know this already.

Good luck, and best wishes for your surgery.


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Re: Bilateral Scope
« Reply #3 on: January 27, 2008, 10:33:26 AM »
I had both knees scoped in November. My main concern was how would I get about after surgery. Well, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. I managed to get about fairly well from day one and I even managed the stairs without too much discomfort.

The down side of my surgery is that 10 weeks on, I still have problems. I had meniscus tears in both knees, these were repaired (it was 3rd surgery on the right knee) The right knee is still uncomfortable but I will have to live with this, as I have fairly bad arthritis here. The left knee developed a Bakers cyst which wasn't there before, this makes my knee stiff and bending is not easy and there is still discomfort in the meniscus area where the tear was. I am however, going skiing in February so I will be using the McDavid knee braces I bought last week and dosing up on Ibroprufen and I am thinking about steroid injections (see my other post) . Good luck on the bilateral!!

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