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Author Topic: At Last...After 8 months, I have a surgeon who knows what he's talking about!  (Read 1376 times)

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It has been 9 months since my accident & I am still in knee braces & on crutches. I was referred from a general OS to a specialist (the general OS said my x-rays & scans were clear, so there was no problem!)
After seeing this wonderful knee specialist, I now have a slightly clearer understanding as what is wrong & how they are going to fix it!

My knees dislocate up to 8 times a day & I am in severe pain. I take 24 tablets a day to help with this. The specialist told me that I will need 8 operations over 15 yrs to fully correct my knees due to this accident at work
The first operation is in 10 weeks, he is going to place a sling over the knee cap to try & stop the dislocations. After 12 wks recovery he will do the other leg. The reason my knee keeps dislocating is the athritis to the knee joint means there is no cavity for the knee to sit in, this has worn away due to the recurrent dislocations & now there is nothing holding the knee cap
Operations 3&4 - he has to move the bone below my knee to my ankle (tib& fib) as they are misaligned, this will mean a cage & screws & a long recovery
Operations 5&6 - he will attempt to channel a cavity for the knee to sit in (tho he thinks arthritis may be to advanced for that)
Final ops - total knee replacement

I have started physio to build muscle to help recovery time although finding it hard as nothing was done for 8 months

Dreading the operations, but at least I know I am not mad & imagining it!

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Just my opinion. He has planned a lot of surgery for you. And even if you think he is wonderful, you really should go for a second or even third opinion before starting this.
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Hi nuttydiva,

I echo Nettan’s sentiment. Seems awful pessimistic to assume each surgery, leading to a TKA, is not going to do the “trick”. If your OS is confident that you’ll need each of the procedures you’ve listed, why not do them at the same time? Procedures 1 through 4 are all realignment surgeries. Procedures 5 and 6 are trochleoplasty, which I can say, from experience, isn’t likely to bring you a favorable outcome. If he believes your femoral groove needs to be reconstructed, it makes sense to have it done in conjunction with the realignment procedures.

Additionally (just one opinion you can take or leave),  if my OS told me I’d need all these procedures, and beforehand, already suggested I’d be in need of a TKA in the end, I’d be out that door so fast, even MY head would spin.

Did your OS state that you would need all of these surgeries, or merely rundown the different procedures available if one or another didn’t resolve your problem?

I hope you’ll consider other opinions before signing up for this long journey.

Wishing you the best.

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Hi NuttyDiva,
I appreciate that you are heartily sick of the problems you have with your knees and want to see an end to all of this.

Can you give a little more info as to the nature of your knee problems (both knees?) - did they ever dislocate before your accident? What exactly was your accident?

It certainly seems like a lot of surgery to sign up for (and over a very long period of time too - do they expect you to continue on crutches, physio and pain meds for 15 years?) - perhaps a second and third opinion may do no harm before making a final decision?
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Hi NuttyDiva,

I agree with those that suggest a second or third opinion.  That seems like a lot of surgeries just to end up with TKRs in the end anyway.  I think 15 years is too long to make a person go through to get back to somewhat normal.  I would definitely be questioning this and seeking out other opinions before going forth as the others have said.  I wish you all the best in your journey back to a normal life. 

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I hate to be agreement with everyone else, but I am.  If the end result is TKR, I would go for that before doing a bunch of other surgery.  I would recommend a second and third opinion also.
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I agree with asking for more opinions,  as a general rule, if it seems to good to be true, it probably is.

It may seem like a good thing to have someone who says that they know what is wrong and how to fix it, after having a doc tell you there is nothing wrong, but that seems to be a lot of surgery to have all of that basically undone with the tkr.

Are you on worker's comp?  This surgeon just may be seeing dollar signs.