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Author Topic: 4 MOS post Ops. chondroplasty/right knee medial chondyle  (Read 2130 times)

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4 MOS post Ops. chondroplasty/right knee medial chondyle
« on: January 10, 2008, 09:45:09 PM »

I have had chondrolplasty on my right knee medial chondyle about 4 months ago. the defect is a bout 1cm X 1.5 CM 30 degree flexation.  After PT and gym my knee feels great and I have almost no pain.  I had just recently started to paly soccer a bit and started to jog, it feels good but the joint is a bit soar afterwards.  The problem I have is going up/down the stairt. going up is not as bad as going down. I feel the pain mostly under the knee cap and the portal where arthroscope was inserted.  Also, I have been doing a eccentric ex. to build my musles and it's been helping me alot.  I have finished the 2 leg body wiegh squats and now doing single leg.  My question is should do the single leg body squat with the bad knee? it doesn't hurt during the exc. but I am not sure if I continure doing it may hurt or aggrrevate the defect?  everyday the # of sets goes up by 2 like today I will do 4 sets of 22 single leg squat reps.  Your expert opinion is much needed.

Thank you.