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Author Topic: Help with MRI report  (Read 1380 times)

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Help with MRI report
« on: January 23, 2008, 03:20:32 AM »
I dislocated my knee playing rugby in October and had an MRI  6 weeks later.
Can someone please interpretate what the MRI shows, and also what may happen?

There is apparent external rotation of the tibia on the femur. There is some mild bone oedema identfied within the proximal tibia medially distal to the fusing growth plate. No evidence of cortical breach is identified.

There is some further bone oedema identified around the tibial attachment of the ACL and there is some irregularity of the ACL just adjacent to its attachment in keeping with a partial tear or possibly a healing avulsion fracture.

The lateral collateral ligament is very poorly seen and I suspect is ruptured. The PCL appears intact with the menisci appearing intact with no evidence of meniscal tear.

There is a small amount of fluid within the joint and the patellofemoral joint appears normal. There is no evidence of cartilaginous loss from the patella, femur or tibia.

The MCL is intact. There is moderate to severe subcutaneous oedema identified anteriorly superficial to the patella and more inferiorly and laterally to the head of the fibular. I am not convinced of seeing any obvious fibular injury.

There is apparent loss of bulk of gastrocnemius and hamstring muscles.

There is some high signal identified within the distal medial expansion adjacent to its insertion into the patella. I see no evidence of osteochondral injury of the patella to suggest patellofemoral dislocation.

Evidence of LCL injury. Abnormality of the tibial insertion of the ACL which may represent a partial tear or healing avulsion fracture at this point. The remainder is intact. Slight irregularity of the inferior aspect of medial expansion inserting into patella.