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Author Topic: 4 months on...  (Read 2286 times)

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4 months on...
« on: January 20, 2008, 11:50:49 AM »
Well, the microfracture was at the beginning of September on the Patello Femoral joint in my left knee.  I got put on the full weight-bearing, full movement recovery which seems to be going ok.  My consultant when I saw him in November said I could come and see him in January as he said I'd still be able to go skiing in February.

I went to visit him last week... I'd already in my mind decided to cancel the skiing, but as he came to get me from the waiting room, walking me back to his room he noticed I'm still limping a bit.  A quick prod and feel, have I injured it at all - fell on it over Xmas, nothing else and he's proceeded with an MRI - get the results of that tomorrow though. 

I also mentioned to him that I wonder if I'm limping because my foot hurts... I've seen a different consultant for my foot this week and he thinks I've ruptured a tendon (the EHL) and that's possibly why I'm limping - but of course, limping isn't going to let the knee settle down so I'm now waiting to see what his MRI results are. 

Ended up at the hospital Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday last week, and Monday and Wednesday this... 

Now I wonder if I've had that ruptured tendon in my foot for a long time (and yes, it's not just an overnight thing) and that's what caused the osteochrondral defect in the first place...

Oh joy...