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Author Topic: advice on cartilige grafting and acl reconsruction  (Read 961 times)

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advice on cartilige grafting and acl reconsruction
« on: January 12, 2008, 07:02:07 PM »
dear everyone, my name is matt. it is looking like i will need to have cartilige grafting with an acl reconstruction. can anyone offer me any advice about the procedure, the recovery, length of stay in hospital, what the pain is like post op,what the rehab is like and how long u r off work 4. any advice would be appreciated as this is unknown territory 4 me. thanks in advance matt

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Re: advice on cartilige grafting and acl reconsruction
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2008, 08:10:26 PM »
      I had ACLR in July and just hit my six month point.  Do you know which graft you want to use?  I used the patellar tendon graft, the tendon under your knee cap.  It supposed to be the strongest initally and heals better due to the fact that its bone to bone healing.  The graft choice varries the recovery time a little in some cases. The hospital stay is usually up to your doctor and you. I had the choice to stay but went home within an hour of the surgery being over.  Youre in pain, youre all messed up, might as well be in the comfort of your own home.  Just have everything ready before you have surgery. I.E. Video game system hooked up and ready, some snacks and drinks at bed side, and someone to ask for stuff in the middle of the night.  Also have your meds filled and ready too. After that the first week is the worst but it passes.  They usually start you in PT right away to get your knee bending. That part is horrible but again it passes.  I was off crutches in about 2 weeks, able to make full rotations on a bike in about that time, and able to walk without a limp in a about a month.  Jogging and running came in about 3 months and then everything is about maintaining your work outs.  I wanted to return to skateboarding in 6 months, which I have but it took crazy work. No being lazy and making your knee no.1 priority.  Bike riding, stair lunges, and hamstring curls all helped like crazy. Look at Feeny's list of excersises if you really want to go crazy.  Help any of this helped, hit me up if theres anything else I could answer.
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