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Author Topic: Help-need suggestions  (Read 808 times)

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Help-need suggestions
« on: January 09, 2008, 03:22:19 AM »
Where do I begin...I am a 40 year old female that has been running off and on since I was 27.  I have run a marathon and took some time off for a couple of years.  My sister wanted to run her first 10 k race so I decided to start running again to help her along.  My endurance came back quick so before I knew it I was running 4 miles at a time and probably increased too soon too fast.  About a month into running, on 9/1/07 I ran 4 miles, some hills, down and up.  When I returned, I remember doing a deep knee stretch and feeling some pain.  I also sat indian style and folded myself over, I have done this stretch in the past and have great flexiblity so have not had problems.  When I pulled my leg out of the indian style sit, my knee hurt more.  The pain is mainly on the outside of my left knee in the divot to the left of my knee cap.  If I could put a pencil in my knee to point it would be in the middle of my knee, dead center, where the ACL and PCL ligaments are.  Later that day I had a hard time straightening my knee and could not stand for a long time.  I took a week off and tried running again and it still hurt.  I felt it especially going up hills or up stairs.  I also could not stretch my quad in a quad stretch, too much pain.  I never had any aching, just sharp pain only when bending my knee.  Also at the beginning I could not kneel or sit with it bent for very long.  I ended up running the 10k with my sister (I could not leave her hanging) on the 2nd of October. (It hurt the entire race)  Since the race I have not run once or done any form of aerobic exercise.  I saw a OS the end of November and had a MRI that was totally normal.  I have done 4 weeks of PT with ultrasound and Iontopherisis (sp?).  During PT on the 24th of Dec. I slipped off my porch on ice, falling down 3 steps on my bad knee with my knee totally bent and my foot being stuck on the top of the porch.  My good leg was extended and I landed on my hip on the ground, again with my bad knee leg stuck backwards up on the porch. I am now feeling pain when squatting on the inside (medial) of my bad knee.  I have had some relief I think from the PT, I can go into a deeper quad stretch before feeling pain.  Saw my OS on 1/7/08 and he feels I may have torn my medial meniscus with the new fall and because I am still having pain from before he feels it is time to do exploratory surgery to see what is going on in there.  Has anyone else felt this pain?  Everyone says it is tendinitis but my pain is not on my patellar tendon, that feels fine.  The pain is so deep in my knee it is hard to pin point. It has never ached, only sharp pain when bent too far. Not sure if I want to have surgery only for the OS to not find anything, then have to recover from surgery.  Please help!!!  What do I do, should I give it more time?  Sorry this was so long...

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Re: Help-need suggestions
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2008, 04:07:29 AM »
Hi mtenander,

Welcome to the forum! Only you can make the decision whether or not to have surgery. Is the knee pain pretty severe and is it interfering with your activities? at least for me when I got to that point it was a fairly easy decision to have the surgery. The first surgeries I had on both knees were scopes. With a gen. scope  your recovery isn't long, but it also depends on what they find and what kind of repair has to be done. With both my knees I had cartilage defects. The OS did some smoothing of the cartilage and removal of plica. I was on crutches for about 2 wks. and in PT for about 2 months. In my case, unfortunately , I had problems a short time after the scopes and had more invasive surgery with much longer recovery times. Discuss your concerns with your OS. Good luck!

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Re: Help-need suggestions
« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2008, 08:17:00 PM »

If the pain is bothering you, then I would have the surgery if I were you.  The incisions are tiny, and since you are likely in pretty good physical shape, you will probably recover very quickly from an arthroscopic surgery.  Since you have had a normal MRI, the exploratory surgery is really the only way to figure out what is going on in there.  If minor repairs are made, the recovery will still be fairly fast.  Like Robin said, only you can decide what is right for you, but if you are having pain, you should address it to help prevent future problems that may become worse if not addressed now while in the early stages.

Best of luck to you in whatever you decide!

Take care!

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