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Author Topic: I'm not sure if this is the right area for this question but................  (Read 1005 times)

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my fiancee decided to tickle me last night in bed and i suddenly jerked my leg straight and I felt an intense pain in my knee. Now all day today it has been on and off with pain but only when I initially stand on it and not even everytime I get up. Once I start walking I am fine. Also when I stand up it it takes a second for my knee cap or something to come down. Well atleast thats what it looks like visually, it is on the inside of my leg. I know your weight has an impact, I am in shape, not overweight at all and I run 2-3 times per week on treadmill.

Should I see a doctor?

Is this something that will go away soon?

What can I do to help the situation?

Thanks!  :)

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Do you have a history of knee problems?  Is it swollen?  If its not swollen and you don't have a history of knee problems I would wait a couple of days to see what happens.  If it doesn't improve or gets worse - have it checked out.
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Hi, I agree with Mary. You can afford to wait and see for a few days. In the meantime, write down the answers to all the following so you can give it to the doctor if you need to see one - is the pain sharp or dull? what brings it on and what relieves it? where is the pain when it comes? is it always there or does it move? does a particular motion bring it on? Try not to do anything that causes the pain for a couple of days, and rest with the leg up as much as possible. If it gets worse in any way then get it checked out ASAP otherwise just get it looked at if it doesn't go away. Good luck!


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Sounds more like you strained something instead of hurt anything.
If you didn't weightbare there isn't a big chance of having an injury.
But take care of the leg and if getting worse or no improvement in a week or 2 get that checked.
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Thanks for the responses! It does appear slightly swollen, but I may be imagining that. Now that I think about it, I did slightly injure my knee about five years ago while laying some sod in my yard. Every once in a while it would hurt walking down stairs, and really bad,  to the point that I could not even bend the the leg to walk down the stairs at all. But once I really started getting into really good shape, that problem completely disappeared.(maybe from strengthening the muscles?) I will take your advice and give it a week and answer all of the questions that you have listed in case I need to see a doctor.

Thank you for your help, it is nice to find people that are willing to help you out of the goodness of their hearts! I will update you in a week!