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Author Topic: please help, i am running out of options  (Read 1165 times)

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please help, i am running out of options
« on: January 01, 2008, 10:32:09 PM »
Well sorry i have not been around for so long, due to work etc

but i was on here for a while whilst suffering with knee pain and the sorry so far is

Dislocated rt knee joint no physio had rest but retained full work and training after several weeks rest.
never did get pain free ended up having to see consultant, resulting in a lateral release
recovered not long after but was soon limping again.  saw the same consultant who opened it up again 12 months later and removed an enlarged fat pad.  eventually i did receve some physio and did make a full recovery.  i am in the military so you may be able to guess the constant training and fitness we have to comply with and the constant moving and changing of personnel also means its very difficult to see the same Dr.

anyway after 10 years of pain free normality whilst undergoing an extremly fitness demanding course i was walking down hill and felt an extremly awful shooting pain in my Rt knee.  that night i rested it but in the morning it was painful to walk up and down stairs.  i tried to do the fitness training in the AM but only got half way through before the pain came to much.  i was checked over and the Dr couldnt find or see anything wrong told to carry on

over the next two weeks everything i did resulted in extreem pain and withdrawal from several activities to protect my knee

i did finish the course (thankfully as it resulted in promotion and a huge pay rise)

i resumed my normal job as an engineer and was deployed.  whilst away all i did was slip down a large step and landed arkward on my right leg resulting in an extrem shooting pain in my knee more worse than i had ever felt before.  within an hour my knee had gone a multitude of colours and swelled to twice its normal size.  after a couple of days and no improvment the DR decided to send me back home, i was flown back and within a week had a authroscopy, the consultant couldnt find any significant damage, but did find several small bone fragments and in his words "quite alot of debris which was clean out"
within 2 weeks i started physio but very soon i began to realise it was still painful beyond what would be expected so i kept reporting this to my physio who tried alsorts to help releive the pain.  After about 12 months they decided to open it up again to see what was going on.  my symptoms where
constant dull ache to the outer lower part of the knee which its severity will change, some days pain free, others really bad. also i had a strange warm water sensation at times where it felt like warm water was running down my leg.  the ache when bad is very bad and really affects my work, and home life to the point i am mesrible and not nice to be around
when the Dr went back in Nov 06 they found i had a problem with joint lining on both parts of my knee so shaved the bits off, also discovered was that the front of my knee cartlidge had worn away.  He said my knee was wearing out.  about a week later my calf was hurting so we removed the strapping and my whole calf was purple and swollen, it was very hard and hot to touch, i was called in to hospital for them to look at it to make sure it wasnt a DVT but eventually they diagnosed it as a ruptured bakers cyst.  the Dr told me to carry on physio with in a couple of weeks post op.
i did physio and it has not got any better, actually its gotten worse and the dull ache is stronger and more persistant.

so today my symptoms are

dull ache on the outer half of rt knee in the joint.  this can be a sever ache to mild, and varies from day to day, and nothing i can do will ease it, i have tried rest, raising it,l ice and heat packs but nothing will help.
some days i get a strong pain inside my knee joint and cannot walk without pain inside the knee joint.
if i am sat about with my legs bent for more than 1 hour the discomfort is really bad.
i can go a day without this ache and it really gets me down this ache is at the severity of stopping me going about my normal life, and effects everything i do.

the DRs and physio can no longer help and advise me to continue to do daily exercises and "in the hope it will get better" and as i am close to military retirement they are not willing to do any further work with my knee due to the cost (not nice to hear TBH).  i am still employed in the military but due to my knee i am driving a desk and cannot be deployed operationally

My wife is considering saving up and go private as someone (friend of the family, not a DR or phsyio but very knowldgable of the human body and its workings) has said it may never get better unless i have a knee replacment.

can someone please help me out and give advise as to what could be the problem and what i can do to ease the pain, and/or stop it happening.  and hopefully a cure for it

PLEASE.  thanking you in advance from a desperate man

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Re: please help, i am running out of options
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2008, 10:54:32 PM »
I know this seems obvious and i don't know if the rules are different if your in the forces but could you not try the NHS? I know the waiting times can be a bit long but they do get there!! I have had all of my treatment through the NHS.

You should go to your GP and ask to be refered to an OS preferably who specialises in knees. I have an amazing knee specialist who I am due to go in for surgery with in the next month.

If you are about to retire you are going to want to enjoy that time without being held back by knee problems. I think it is a bit of a cop out that your employer won't fork out for your treatment just because you won't be with them much longer. I would go to citizens advice if i were you as this seems a bit off and if you have been with them for a long time you must have some rights.

As i say i don't know anything about the rules in the forces, but i think you should have a look into getting a second opinion no matter what.

Good luck and happy new year :)
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Re: please help, i am running out of options
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2008, 11:31:00 PM »
thanks, and happy new year to you also

its difficult trying to get NHS treatment TBH.  we do use NHS nowadays thanks to all the military hospitals closing but i would need referring to them by my med centre DR. 

MY wife has been on at me again today to demand an appointment with my DR and she wants to come along to demand that i get reffered to a different DR and soon as there is no way she wants to live with me like the way i am at the moment

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Re: please help, i am running out of options
« Reply #3 on: January 03, 2008, 12:02:10 AM »
If you do decide to see a surgeon - here is a list of knee surgeons around the world -

It is likely after this time that cartilage repair procedures may be too late, but it is worth reading up about them - . Clearly there is quite severe damage within the joint. Your symptoms may be due to arthritis but you need expert evaluation.

You may also be interested in reading about chondroitin and glucosamine -