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Author Topic: Recommend a good OS for TKR revision for hypermobile EDS person?  (Read 4992 times)

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I am 52 and had a RTKR 6 years ago - after years of dislocations and problems.  It was great for about 4 years. I also have multiple joint pain - back, shoulders, feet ankles and hands and I am very, very bendy, bruise like a peach and local anaesthetics don't work well  - finally saw rheumatologist a couple of months ago who diagnosed EDS type 3 Hypermobility syndrome. 

My replaced knee has loosened is very lax, very swollen, crunchy and unstable. It was a botched job (Surgeon has since retired) and the knee cap never tracked correctly - they left cement sticking out which snagged on the tendon on the outside of the knee leading to more surgery.

Doc now thinks I need a revision.  Our new knee OS (on the Isle of Man) is very good but I really want to find is a surgeon who has a proven track record in revision/reconstruction on hypermobile patient's knees.

I am - or rather was  -very active, scuba diving,  walking, horse riding, sailing gardening so really am hoping for miracle I guess - anyway any recommendations of really good UK NHS reconstructive/revision knee surgeons welcomed.

Great forum -Thanks folks!