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Author Topic: CosaminDS - THE BEST- But Where can u Get it?  (Read 2966 times)

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CosaminDS - THE BEST- But Where can u Get it?
« on: July 17, 2003, 01:35:59 AM »
Does anyone know where you can get CosaminDS in liquid format in the UK. I cannot find anyone that will supply it to consumer.  Only US internet orders with expensive shipping charges.

anyone got a lead for here in UK?

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Re: CosaminDS - THE BEST- But Where can u Get it?
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2003, 01:55:40 PM »
I can't be of too much help because I am from Canada, however I do know that the product Cosamin is made by a company called Nutramax labs in the US. You could try contacting them to see if they know where it would be available to you, they were always very helpful to us, when we were trying to get Cosaquin (the animal form) for our horses.
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