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Author Topic: Surgery with Dr. Steadman in December  (Read 1315 times)

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Surgery with Dr. Steadman in December
« on: November 04, 2007, 03:41:27 PM »
Hi there,
 I have been browsing through all the archives and noticed that some of you have been through Steady as well. Live in Boulder CO and getting surgery up there
in December. Your help on the questions below would be really appreciated:

1) Is going one day before the surgery enough for pre-op, setting up condo etc ?
2) Do they provide a CPM machine. How does the logistics work? I check it out the day before the surgery they help me set it up in my condo etc?
3) Steady says a minimum of 2 days. I am going to be staying there 10 days after the surgery and am leaving back to Boulder then. If things go sour I can always stay longer ...or come back up. Has anybody stayed there for 10 days or less?
4) I think I am staying at Vail International condo's and will mostly be on my own. How hard is it to get about to the HEAD PT place from there in Winter.
5) I have a good PT guy in Boulder, but does anyone have any recommendations for other good PT's in this area?
6) Pre-op. I have been working on ham curls, Quad curls etc. Is there any other way you condition yourself before the surgery?
7) Post-op you have any valuable literature for that?
8) Icing when I am back at home ....what's a good system for that?

Much thanks and sorry for the barge full of questions. Thanks.

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Re: Surgery with Dr. Steadman in December
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2007, 04:57:04 AM »
Hey Assad,

To answer your questions:

1.  Yes,  1 day is suffice.
2.  They provide a CPM when you are in the hospital but it is up to you to secure one to take home/condo.  Call your insurance company and have one setup and delivered to your house,then take it with you to Vail.  If your insurance gives you trouble call Steadys office and have the appropriate paperwork sent to your insurance company.
3.  I did NOT stay for 10 days.  I think I was there 2 days after the surgery.  I stayed in the hospital overnight, then + 2 more nights.  I did most ofl my PT in Boulder.
I did the initial up at the clinic in Vail, then I continued on my own down in Boulder and mainly at home.  Most of the PT I needed to do I did not need to go to formal PT for.  So I really didn't spend much money on PT.
4.  You'll be on crutches.  There are cabs.  You can get Snow Slips for the end of your crutches so they don't slip in the snow.  It will be pretty in Vail in December.  They light all the trees and make everything a beatiful winter wonder land.  You couldn't have picked a prettier place or time to go.  I'd like to be there in December.
5.  I have a friend Mary who works at All Star PT.  I'll check with her because she might be working somewhere else now.  But, she has had knee surgery herself and is very knowledgeable and fun.
6.  NO, just relax, eat healthy, be in a good mind frame.
7.  It totally depends on what you are having done, which I am not sure of.  But I have tons of tips and tricks.
     You will do a couple days of PT up there.  They will show you the basics.  Most of which you can do in the comfort of your own home.
8.  They will give you a DuraKold Ice pack which you will fall in love with, but you should also get a machine from you Insurance Co. that is an Ice Machine.  I forgot the name.  Again ask the people in Steady's office.  They know all this.

RICE  - Rest Ice Compression and Elevate.   (hint:  To properly elavate, your knee will need to be above your heart.  The only way this is achieved is to be laying down)

Laurie :)

Laurie :)

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Re: Surgery with Dr. Steadman in December
« Reply #2 on: June 23, 2010, 05:08:31 AM »
Laurie, is my knee still too hot and swollen to add strength after arthrofibrosis surgery???

I am hoping that Laurie can answer this and would also be nice enough to email me. Or if anyone else can answer it, or put me in touch with Laurie (perhaps Janet could...), I would greatly appreciate it.

I had lysis of adhesions surgery to remove scar tissue resulting from arthrofibrosis on my knee in January 2010 in Vail, Colorado. I need to know when/how exactly I can be sure enough that I have gotten rid of ALL heat and swelling so that it is safe for me to begin to add strengthening to my rehab, and I need for someone who has beat arthrofibrosis to tell me. I have read over 300 medical journal articles on arthrofibrosis and related surgery, complications, and surgery multiple times. I have read and studied the Arthrofibrosis Success Stories on this BBS and I have relied on them  - particularly Laurie's and Jakem's - in my rehab protocol which is also a construction of the protocol given to me by the therapists in Vail/Howard Head, Shelbourne, Noyes, and Paulos. Most of all, I listen to my knee very carefully and base my decisions on what it tells me in how it responds to the stresses I put on it and what works well in my rehab. I have been able to get and maintain full extension (hyper -2/-3) and ROM (155+) equal to my contralateral leg. Yes, I've been able to reach the arthrofibrosis Holy Grail of Symmetry (which is what Shelboune says is necessary for a fully functional knee, and the lack of he says should be a major red flag to patients and any competent doctor that "something is wrong.") Following this arthrofibrosis rehab protocol, including lots of icing and elevation, as well as the NSAID Mobic (aka Meloxicam) and oral steroids and cortisone shots I have not had a single day of pain since surgery, and I have been able to get rid of almost all swelling, heat, and redness. Obviously, I am very close to being ready to add strengthening to my rehab, yet I want to be confident I can do it safely and so that I do not kick up inflammation, create more swelling and heat. Swelling is the mother of scar tissue, and I've come to far over 4 years of 3 previous failed/botched surgeries/rehabs, worked too hard, sacrificed too much to let that come back. So, my question is:

When the AF success stories have said '"all" heat, swelling, redness must be gone before adding strengthening' what precisely do they mean?

I have very, very little swelling, and not much heat, but it is not zero heat. My bad knee still sometimes gets warmer around the patella than the good knee (which is usually extremely cool/room temperature.) Swelling is usually pretty non-existent unless I have to do errands that require me to be walking for over 20 minutes. Most of the time I am able to walk completely pain free, with a perfect gait, but either because my muscles are still so weak or because of the AF still being active (or a combo of both, which is a moot point) after too much walking/being upright I can feel the irritation/pressure (not pain though) start to build up within the joint which indicates increased swelling (which is evident the next morning because the last 2-3 degrees of flexion when I lay on my back and let my heels drop to my butt go away, and when I sit on my ankles (which I now can normally do with ease - I know, I'm fortunate in this regard compared to so many AFers out there) I can feel slightly more resistance than the good days, and I've been able to determine that it is due to an increase in swelling because if I ice/elevated for 20 minutes it works right out.  Basically, I am at the point where have achieved and easily maintain perfect extension and flexion, and I need to determine whether it is safe for me to add strengthening.

SO, when you say "all" does that mean that you had reached a point prior to adding strengthening where you had absolutely no difference in heat between your knees for a span of a week or two? And that you had absolutely zero swelling for over a week or two?  And that once you did add strength you had absolutely zero heat flare-ups, the bad knee never became warmer than the other, or increased in swelling? Or does "all" actually mean "nearly all that can be realistically expected, and I still sometimes had a very minor increase in heat / swelling as I gently added strengthening but it never got really bad, or if it did I noticed it and shut it down by going back to basics for a little bit...?????

My family and friends, the pressure to move forward with my life, my desire to start correcting the patella-femoral tracking problems that go along with arthrofibrosis surgery and risk of patella baja from weak quads, and my sanity are all pushing me to go to the next stage, but I'm not going to unless I'm certain it is safe. But I don't think I have the knowledge to subjectively be certain of that. I need your help and advice. Please help me beat this.

Thank you.

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Re: Surgery with Dr. Steadman in December
« Reply #3 on: December 16, 2010, 01:52:15 AM »
Anybody have suggestions for cheap housing during my stay this january.