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Author Topic: any help on my op?  (Read 1594 times)

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any help on my op?
« on: April 11, 2008, 06:45:45 PM »

 i saw my 3rd opinion os today and finally somebody has agreed that something is wrong and is willing to sort it.

he is going into the knee to remove a lump of dead tissue that it directly at the front of the knee in the middle. but i cant remeber what he called it.
he said that because my fall was so bad on the knee that it damaged this bit of tissue and it has now died and become hard and could be the causing the problem.

he also said whilst he is in it he is goign to shave something, i think he said knee cap - is it this that he would be shaving and if so what is it and what happens.

i am sorry that i forget everything he said i was just so happy when he said he may beable to fix it and so he is opening the the knee up i cant remeber what was said. ive been trying to look it up on google but cant find anything on anything to do with either and i realy want to know what he is doing before he does it if that makes sense.
he did say that i would be in huge amounts of pain for at least 6 weeks after the op and bending will be very hard but i cant bend it at moment anyway and he also said i will have a big scar on knee to but i also dont care as long as i can walk again.

any help or advice or even suggestions on what he may have said would be gratly appreciated as i think i will go mad trying to find what he said before the op (i could be waiting up to 6 months) and may end up scaring myself ::)

helen xxxx
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Re: any help on my op?
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2008, 06:55:44 PM »
He probably said Chondroplasty or Debridement....But It would be best to call his office and ask rather then guess.

You can always try looking through the KneeGuru Dictionary.
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Re: any help on my op?
« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2008, 09:11:06 PM »
Hi I don't know what the surgeon is like but i am sure that you have since remembered all sorts of questions that you would have liked to ask but forgot in the heat of the moment or the shock of what he said, so i agree with the other reply.  Give the office or his secretary a ring and ask them to explain some more for you.  I know my surgeon would be happy to answer further questions if i had them (i live in the uk but have private insurance).  I have had 3 surgeries already and am due for one more in June and was expecting loads of pain after the last one and barely felt any.  It was uncomfortable yes and niggly at times but there wasn't half as much pain as i was lead to believe.  This was ACL reconstruction using a hamstring graft and microfractures of the tibial and femoral plateau (which haven't worked hence the need for further surgery).  Pain can be managed though and i am sure that after the surgery the pain will soon be forgotton as your knee condition improves.  This reply is not much help with answering your actual question but i hope it helps you with reference to pain management.

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