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Author Topic: Good OS and PTs in New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Beijing, Japan  (Read 1166 times)

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Hi All,

I wasn't sure where to post this so here goes.

I am 4 weeks post ACLR and things are going quite well. I am currently in the UK but mid May I am emigrating to New Zealand, but instead of flying over I am doing an overland route using trains and short flights.

My question is for people who live in the places I am travelling to to see if they recommend a particular OS or PT in their country. This is just in case I have any trouble along the way, it would put my mind at ease knowing I could go and see someone.

So, does anyone recommend OSs or PTs in Hong Kong, China/Beijing/Japan, Australia or New Zealand (in particular)?



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Re: Good OS and PTs in New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Beijing, Japan
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2008, 10:55:05 PM »
Hi Steve,

A colleague of mine had ACL Reconstruction and an excellent cartilage removal, regeneration and implantation back into her knee by Dr Simon Tan  Her sister was a physio out there and told her to avoid the NZ chop shops as she called them so maybe that's something to remember??  Not sure about any of the other places.  There are a few links here on the homepage.  Best of luck.

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Re: Good OS and PTs in New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Beijing, Japan
« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2008, 11:02:38 AM »
Hi Steve,

There are a lot of really good physios and knee surgeons in Australia. We are very lucky. Mine is Julian Feller in Melbourne who just specialises in knees. My physio, Randall Cooper is also brilliant. He specialises in knees and has done a lot of rehab with ACL recos. I also have a great sports physician called Andrew Jowett who is medico to one of the AFL professional teams. You'd probably be better off getting it checked by a sports physician if need be.

I wouldn't recommend getting your knee checked in Japan. They are quite behind in the times.

There are some really good sports physicians in New Zealand. So, should be able to help with monitoring your rehab program and recommend a good knee physio. What part of New Zealand are you emigrating to ? I do find it hard to believe that there aren't any good OSs in New Zealand. They are a lot further ahead than we are in Australian when it comes to having a national register of sports injuries. Most sports physicians in New Zealand would have done the Australian training program to become qualified sports physicians.

Have a good trip !!
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