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Author Topic: fractured patellla rehabilitation  (Read 1028 times)

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fractured patellla rehabilitation
« on: October 25, 2007, 06:23:20 AM »
I am 51 years old, am a professor of nursing, working on my doctorate in counseling psychollogy and came in 6th in Nationals in Standard Ballroom Dancing in August.  I fractured my patella 2 weeks later.  I am 7 weeks post op and am struggling desperately with rehabilitation.  I am in constant pain varying from aching, burning and searing from about 8-10 on VAS scale.  I work out at home doing strengthening exercises such as straight leg quad raises, short arc quad raises, heel pushes, etc for about an hour, then swim for 2 hours, then bicylce for about 30 minutes.  I walk about 3 miles a day and have deep tissue massage daily.  I go to PT for about 2 hours twice a week.  I have become very aggressive since last week when my surgeon told me that if I didn't get to 120 degrees flextion in the next 3 weeks, I would have to go back to the OR and have my knee manipualated under anesthesia.  I was told that whatever felxion I achieve in the next 4 weeks is about all I will have permanently.  I have begun to endure unbearable pain to stretch the flexiton in my knee in the hope that I will regain my ability to dance competitively.  What experience has anyone had that might help be regain my flexibility to dance?

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Re: fractured patellla rehabilitation
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2007, 10:20:59 AM »
sorry to hear about your troubles with the knee.
if scar tissue has formed inside your knee as a result of surgery then an MUA will break it up and let you get moving again, otherwise you could be beating yourself to bits with exercise and get nowhere.
I assume that your leg was immobilised for some length of time after your surgery? in this instance scar tissue can form and grow onto places it shouldnt.
There are a number of threads going at the moment dealing with ROM and how best to get it back and discussing MUAs.
see here:
and here:

It certainly sounds like your muscles are good and strong by the amount of exercise you are doing every day.
Good luck - I hope you have some improvement!
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Re: fractured patellla rehabilitation
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2007, 12:58:59 AM »
Hi, you might want to post in bone breaks around the knee in the specialist section.  Those of us who have broken our patellas tend to hang out there a good deal.  Also those with TPF.  I broke my patella in June of 06.  I was in a brace for 12 almost 13 weeks with no PT allowed until after the brace came off.  At hat point I barely had 60 degrees ROM.  My OS's philosophy was to let the bone heal a good deal before putting stress on the bone.  It was 18 weeks before I was able to turn the bike pedals all the way around.  Some of your healing dependis on they type of break, they type of repair and the OSs philosophy.  Today I have full ROM (I will be 49 tomorrow).  Don't let a doctor do a MUA until you have really reached the limit of your ROM.  In time the scar tissue will begin to break up (or at least it does for most of us).  It is a shock when it happens and you will find a bit more ROM almost imeediatly afterward.  To that point though, I had some scar tissue at the bottom of the incision site that my OS removed when he took the hardware out and did a VMO advancement to keep the patella in place. 

RICE always.  Never finish exercise without ending with ice.  It iwill help with the pain and the swelling.  Most of us take a year before we feel back to normal.  It has been a bit over 16 months and I still find that all day on my feet causes swelling. 
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