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Author Topic: Swollen knee - ex arthroscopy patient x2  (Read 1069 times)

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Swollen knee - ex arthroscopy patient x2
« on: October 10, 2007, 11:21:07 AM »

I had two ops on my knee for torn cartiledge on my inner right knee [2003 & 2004] and now it has the same symptoms again - slightly sore, stiff and very very swollen. No injury this time, it seems to have come out of nowhere.

Anyone else suffered this same thing repeatedly and if it keeps on happening - is it actually worth a third op? The original and only injury occurred in summer 2001 and despite loads of physio/Pilates I wasn't bendy enough to do sport again [I rock climb] till summer 2005. The swelling was a constant problem so the recovery time [for me] was really really slow.

I can't use Ibuprofen as I became asthmatic in 2002 and it now makes me wheeze. Busy with R.I.C.E. [rest, ice, compression, elevation] and trying to book in with my doctor but any advice / useful links appreciated.

Sorry I am new to to this site so this info may already be archived somewhere so feel free to redirect me but I am not sure how to find it!


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Re: Swollen knee - ex arthroscopy patient x2
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2007, 01:04:47 PM »
If by torn cartilage you mean menisucs then it's very easy to tear one again after you've done it once. It doesn't take much, just a slight twist. I tore mine at least three times and never really knew it the second or third time. If the tear is causing you pain then it means it's irritating your knee and causing inflammation. In my experience having the torn bits removed has lessened my pain, at least temporarily. The end result was that my meniscus totally shredded and was completely removed. Five years after that I had a partial knee replacement.