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Author Topic: Knee pain after jogging, may be nothing...  (Read 881 times)

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Knee pain after jogging, may be nothing...
« on: October 07, 2007, 06:01:10 PM »
Hi, I've been running (well... jogging) on an off for the past nine years, and never had any major problems until friday other than the odd sore muscle which is why I'm slightly concerned about this, but it may well not be a problem at all, just figured I'd better ask just in case...

I just got my first pair of proper running shoes on friday, recommended by a guy in a decent running shop who suggested some neutral cushioned shoes after examining how i walked / bent etc. Previously I'd just run in anything, mostly flat bottomed trainers, for the past 9 years and not had any problem with them.

But the first time out in these new ones, while jogging my left foot felt like it was staying in a horizontal position too long, causing a little pain up the left of my lower leg then in my knee after a couple miles. I did 4.5 in total and when I stopped, the pain in my knee was so bad I couldn't fully straighten it and walking was impossible, but it was ok without any pressure on it. Poking around I also got a bit of pain when I pressed just underneath the lower leg bone on the right side. After about 15 minutes the leg pain got a lot better but I still had pain in the knee and anything other than quick limping just made it worse again.

My right leg was perfectly fine, though the foot is 1/2 size smaller and i's a little stronger than the left so I dunno if that would affect anything running wise.

After a few hours I could walk on it, but after about 12 hours it was still giving a kinda dulled sharp pain on the left of the knee whenever it was bent or twisted, which felt kinda like my fingers used to whenever i broke then moved them (which i did a lot in school, hazard of staying in goals for football  :P).

It's been 48 hours now and it was bending fine for a while yesterday evening / this morning, but after walking on it for about half an hour the pain's back in the left of the knee, but it's not constant it just feels like the bones clicking together every now and then when it's bent, like when my thumb gets locked in place and I try to bend it.

So I'm wondering if anyone knows what the problem might be - is it serious, short term, caused by the wrong running shoe type or something else... I did go skate boarding for the first time in a while for about 5 miles on friday morning (to pick up the shoes) so that could've messed something up that was then made worse by running, but I didn't feel anything at the time. Anyway... thanks for any help or advice you can give.

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Re: Knee pain after jogging, may be nothing...
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2007, 07:17:53 PM »
Everyone can tell you what the problem *might* be, but nobody on the internet can tell you what is causing the pain. From the description it could be just about anything that can go wrong with a knee. One thing is for certain, bad pain is not caused by 'nothing'. If it's the running shoes it will probably resolve itself if you go back to your old shoes. The bad news is you've been slowly wearing down your knees for the last nine years by running. Right now you need to rest your knee until the pain is completely gone and then wait a few more days before running again. If the pain comes back you'll need to see a doctor and get a diagnosis. To quote my doctor, "If it hurts, you're hurting it". If you keep running through the pain you'll eventually cause more damage that will need to be dealt with.