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Author Topic: Severe Soft Tissue Pain in soft tissue when knee bent past a certain point  (Read 1056 times)

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I have suffered for some time now whenever my left knee is bent past a certain point. Before that point is reached I have no problems whatsoever, but bending my knee just 1cm more causes me very considerable pain in the soft tissue behind the knee. To the best of my knowledge this problem was not initiated by any sprain or strain at any time in the past. Other than this problem with my knee I am still a fit active guy in my 60s (BMI=24, resting heart rate = 55, excellent blood pressure etc). I have played plenty of sport in my life and do not believe I have a problem in the joint per se.

I went to my doctor (several times) and a Baker's Cyst was ruled out. He sent me to a consultant who ordered x-rays and a MRI. The consultant then scheduled a arthroscopy - even minutes prior to the operation he assured me that he would be addressing the problem of which I complained - it was the one and only problem as far as I was concerned.

After the operation and there had been time for the trauma of the operation to subside exactly the same problem was present (which no improvement whatsoever). When I saw the consultant for the post operative review he told me that he had 'tidied up some minor torn ligament damage and remove a small piece of unattached bone material'. When I asked about the problem of which I complained he then informed me that he had not addressed that particular problem as 'it was in an area of high risk' and he did not want to take chances. If he had informed me that this was his intention I would not have signed the Consent Form.

Since that date I have had a further problem whereby I can no longer straighten my leg without pain in the same area of the soft tissue behind the knee. This pain comes on more gradually and does get rather intense - but not as sharp as when the knee is bent. My doctor has tried to refer me to another consultant, but he has not bothered to respond yet ( even after several weeks).

I have great difficult in walking and need to get things fixed - any helpful ideas or suggestions would be gratefully received.

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Looks like you need one who knows more. Do you know where you are refered ? If so call and ask why there is no answer back. That shouldn't hurt.
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