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Author Topic: Need more help-- ortho proposing more surgery!!!!  (Read 1548 times)

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Need more help-- ortho proposing more surgery!!!!
« on: September 29, 2007, 03:20:41 AM »
I hope you don't mind helping again!!!!

Briefly, if you don't know me, I fell and got a cut across knee about 5 weeks ago.  Was sutured back, but wound promptly reopened in the middle when stitches removed.

Have a hole about a 1/2 an inch deep into my leg about 1 and 1/2 in. below the middle of the patella.  It's leaking yellow-ish fluid, more when I move the knee than when sitting.  No improvement at all with the bactroban my internist gave me.

Now ortho wants to do surgery on my knee!!!!  He thinks it is synovial fluid leaking out (see earlier post, this section).  Said he would inject saline, and if it came out the wound, he would have to open knee completely.  He was EXTREMELY avoidant about what exactly he would do, and frankly, I told him  he needed to answer these questions (How long will I be off work?  What exactly would you do if it IS synovial fluid?).

He didn't.  I can talk to my intenist on Monday and ask for referral to a wound care specialist.  Meanwhile, I'm freaking out completely.  It doesn't help that this ortho has me scheduled for surgery on Friday next week.  He wouldn't take no for an answer.

Please tell me if you know anything about this.  Why is this happening?  Is something really awful gonna happen to me (I'm worried about losing a leg, since the ortho won't even talk to me!)?  Will Monday be too late?

Sorry-- just really scared!
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Re: Need more help-- ortho proposing more surgery!!!!
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2007, 03:42:34 AM »
synovial fluid is a lubricant that helps to nourish the cartilege and keeps it slippery - I don't know any more than that - sorry
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Re: Need more help-- ortho proposing more surgery!!!!
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2007, 09:57:39 AM »
I would really call him back and get answers on your questions or he would at least be able telling you if he isn't sure before he has looked closer.
A second opinion is never wrong. Though don't get around with this too long so you end up with an infection in the whole knee.
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