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Author Topic: Do bone spurs (osteophytes) confirm the presense of arthritis?  (Read 11810 times)

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27 yr old.
8mm full thickness cartilage lesion due to trauma of lateral femoral condyle.
July 09' arthroscopic removal of leasion and chondral grafting w/ trochlear groove donor site.

- March 10' confirmed presense of 7mm intra-articular osteophyte and 1 cm region of chondromalacia of posterior weight bearing surface of lateral femoral condyle.

I am concerned about the long term presense of arthritis. My two questions are;

Does an osteophyte automatically indicate the presense of arthritis?

Is it possible that the osteophyte in one region of the knee led to an uneven distribution of load leading to the chondromalacia in the other area?

MRI indicates both the bone spur and the chondromalacia are in the same area of the posterior wieght bearing surface.

My OS said he would prefer not to remove the osteophyte unless it is impeding my movement. I seem to have full R.O.M and I am receiving prolotherapy for the chondromalacia.

I am not sure if I have arthritis, but I cannot seem to find information confirming/denying that an osteophyte can develop without arthritis.