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Author Topic: Both knees at once  (Read 994 times)

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Both knees at once
« on: August 31, 2007, 11:55:37 PM »
First of all - hello, this is my first post on this site so a big thank you to anyone who's able to contribute their knowledge and experience here...

I am 41 years old - female.  11 years ago I was in a road traffic accident - hit head on in a high speed crash.  This resulted in numerous fractures, specifically my right leg suffered femur and tib factures.  I had intramedullary nails in both and a distal femur fracture which needed a screw in the knee.  The left knee suffered a ruptured PCL.  About 2 years later I had an arthroscopy on the right leg to tidy up the cartilage. Pain has been constant in the intervening years but had been told to expect a replacement right knee in 10 -15 years post RTA.  The pain has become significantly worse in the last year - 6 months and despite physio, I finally saw my GP.  She referred me to an Orthopod who asked for xrays & mri scans.  I have difficulty walking sometimes, suffering muscle pain and acute pain in knees and ankles.

I have been advised that I am to have an arthroscopy on both knees on 1/11/07.  My xrays & scans show osteoarthritis in both knees, both PCL's ruptured and I think (there was alot to take in) the medial meniscus also torn.

My questions are:   a) how long should I realistially expect to take off work following the double arthroscopy,  seeing as I commute into the city of London via the tube and will I be relatively mobile?
b) Is my surgeon likely to be looking to tidy up and confirm MRI findings - possibly leading to a further op?
c) Any idea what the prognosis may be in terms of pain reduction.

I would very much value your input.  I've done a lot of research on the web but there is no substitute for first hand experience.

Thanks very much.

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Re: Both knees at once
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2007, 01:25:38 AM »
Hi Archieadams,

Welcome to the Kneegeeks community.   :D :D :D  Sorry that you have a knee "kneed" to in fact join it.  But we are all here in one big happy and hopeful, optimistic family - hoping for and working towards our knees getting better.   :) :) :)

I think that you are only having both knees arthroscopied - yes?  Your knees are not being replaced at this point in time from what I read in your posting.

I would think that at least three to four weeks off of work (at the best case scenario) would be in order - but only you and your knees will know for certain; and that knowledge will come to you after you do in fact have both knees arthroscopied.

I would also ask the surgeon why he/she is not repairing your PCLs.  Are your knees unstable at all?  (Just wondering)

I too had a head-on collision in the past - which added to my pre-existing knee woes.

Best wishes to you; I would post/start a thread about bilateral PCL tears.  Would perhaps bring some PCL tear Kneegeeks out of the woodwork.

The PCL tear is common in head-on collisions - because of the force of one's knees hitting the dashdoard whilst the rest of the body is straining to stop itself from moving foreward in the force of the impact.


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Re: Both knees at once
« Reply #2 on: September 02, 2007, 11:27:24 PM »
Hi there k-w-b-g - thank you for posting.

I am indeed just having both knees arthroscopied.  I haven't broached the subject of what the prognosis is on the PCL's but my surgeon intimated that this was an explore and tidy exercise that would hopefully give me some short term benefit and enable them to assess any on going treatment better. Seems like a sensible plan  :)

As far as the stability of the knees go: the left clicks loudly when I stretch the leg (ankle at right angles to the tib).  It feels like it slides sideways inside the knee but I have built up my quads and this seems to have helped over the years.  The right knee though does feel unstable and I often experience it "giving way" with pain to the inside of the joint.  My circulation in both legs seems to be getting worse and I often experience pain in the calf muscles.

I will take your advice on posting for PCL & also ear mark a possible extra week or two off work.

Thanks again.