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Author Topic: Desperate to know what's wrong...!  (Read 878 times)

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Desperate to know what's wrong...!
« on: August 31, 2007, 11:06:12 PM »
Hi everyone,

This is my second posting on this site...  I'm getting quite desperate to find out what's wrong with my knees.  I'm sorry if the post is quite long, but I'd like to give you some background on my health, which I hope to maybe provide some guide to my knee problems...

I'm 29.  In September 2004 I was diagnosed with three types of cancers for which I underwent intensive chemotherapy treatment and received a bonemarrow transplant (perfect match to my sister) in January 2005.  Everything went well untill I developed graft-versus-host disease in July 2005.  First response treatment was to put me on high-dose steroids (80mg per day) and I finally were taken of steroid treatment in January 2006.  While on steroids I had a insadent causing me to have severe muscle spasms and one one occation locking-up completely.  By trying to move in an attempt to control the awful pain from the spasms and pain I would walk up and down, but ended up causing damage to my knees (still don't know how I managed to do this).

I was struggling for months afterwards for my knees to get better.  I also found it impossible to go on my knees ever since without suffering from extreme pain.  In February of this year I took up new employment and I was located on the fourth floor of building which has no lift due to the age of the building.  Thinking nothing of it, I was up and down the stairs probably 20/30 times a day, but started to feel something scrating on the front of both my knees.

It continued like this for probably 3 months until the worst happen...  I was on my way back from my monthly follow-up appointment with my oncologist when as I were making my way down the stairs at the Tube (St. Pauls - London) I felt something going seriously wrong in my knees.  It was hurting like crazy!  Soon after I was limping and my knees felt really stiff and swollen.  The scratching was throughout the whole knee and whenever I walked it felt like my knee was on fire!

I was referred to a rheumatologist who found that it's not arthritis.  He arranged for me to have an MRI (which I had about 3 weeks ago) and I'm still awaiting the report on the MRI.

The pain (if that's what I can call it) is in the following locations:

Right knee -

Right back corner of knee - feel like constant scratching...
Front of knee - same constant scratching...
Scrathing on sides of my kneecap...

Left knee -

Front of knee - constant scratching...
Both sides of knee - constant scrating...
Scratching on sides of my kneecap...

I also find that when I'm walking it sometimes feel like a sharp pain, which will cause me to come to a complete halt until the pain subsides and then I can continue to walk.  The only time I'm not in any pain is when I'm lying in bed or sitting.  I can then bend my knees as much as I'd like without having any pain that's until I decide to get up and walk.

Does it sound like anything anyone can give me some kind of an idea of what could possibly be wrong?  I'm so sorry that is such a long winded post, but I don't know what to do anymore...

Warm regards,

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Re: Desperate to know what's wrong...!
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2007, 07:16:48 PM »
Hi everyone!

I thought I'd give you a bit more detail on my knee pain...

The pain is located on various areas of the of both knees.  I would call it the 'lining' of the knee, which can become very painful at times.  I've been wearing orthopedic inlays in my shoes to reduce the inpact on my knees.  It definitely softens the blow on my knees when I'm walking and is a lot less painful.

The right knee is generally worse than the left knee.  I would say the front left and right front 'lining' of both knees can be very painful at times.  It's almost like the knee's not gliding smoothly...

I hope this can be of some help...

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Re: Desperate to know what's wrong...!
« Reply #2 on: September 01, 2007, 08:25:31 PM »
Gerhard - I'm sorry to hear about your pain. 

I'm not a medical doctor, so I'm just providing some things to think about. 

My best friend is just approaching her one year cancer survivor mark.  She fought so hard, and I am amazed at how much strength she has.  I'm sure you fought your cancer just as hard so I congratulate you on that.  The reason I brought up my friend is that she had a side-effect from her chemotherapy that involved her hands and feet.  She had nerve damage in her hands that seemed to heal itself once she went off of the chemo.  The nerve damage to her feet has persisted, and it is likely that she will have a, what she call, a tingling pain in her feet.  Have you brought up the possiblility of a reaction from the chemo that may have affected your knees?  I'm not sure about the difference in timing between the last chemo and the onset of your spasms and subsequent knee pain.  The "scratching" feeling reminded me of something that could be similar to a severe tingling.  It sounds like you've discussed the pain with your oncologist.  Have you sought a knee specialist as well?   

One other thing to think about.  The muscles in the leg refer pain downward, so it's possible to have muscle irritation in the muscles of the thigh and have pain in the knee region.  I just spoke about this with my PT who suggested that my own muscles are out of whack and the result is knee pain in areas of the knee that I would not have expected.  Everything is connected.  So, perhaps the muscle spasms alone are causing the pain around the kneecap.  If you see a specialist, you could ask him or her about that.

Have you tried calling the place where you received your MRI?  Is it possible for you to get a copy of the MRI (I'm not sure how the medical system works in the UK, but where I am in the US I can order a copy of the film and the report written by the radiologist).  Three weeks is a long time to wait when you're in such pain.

I hope you do find your answers.  You've been through enough, I would say.

Take care,