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Author Topic: Fractured Patella, will i ever be good as new?  (Read 588 times)

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Fractured Patella, will i ever be good as new?
« on: August 30, 2007, 12:02:20 AM »
long story short, fracutred my knee cap 5 yrs ago in HS, didnt use knee brace as long as the doc told me too, but i was still playing at a high level (despite some pain and several re-injuries). finally i reinjured it to the pt i had to have surgery.

its been 7.5 wks and i can walk normal and climb stairs easily (going down is not quite there though). I have not started P.T. yet though. i can bend to 90 degrees easily laying down or sitting. my thihg muscle has atrophied significantly but i am a hard worker and am dedicated to playing ball at the level (or greater) as i was pre-surgery.

i am young, have had no other injuries surgieries or medical conditions really other than this 1. I have no pain in my knee and x rays show it is healing well (though not 100% yet). What really astounded me was when the ortho surgeon said i could be100% by October!? this would be between 12 wks to 16 wks after surgery! I was aiming for a Dece or January return.

I have learned from my youg, hard headed ways and i am going to make sure i do this nice and slow and recover the right way, but does my surgoens estimate look reasonable? It may be since i feel like i am doing REALLY well after surgery (no pain, good ROM w/o PT, good health and medical history) but is it possible i can be playing basketball 3 to 4 months after surgey?

Any insights, comments etc would be greatly appreciated. this forum is great and info packed. Thanks.

p.s. pls excuse my spelling, im at work and in a rush lol

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Re: Fractured Patella, will i ever be good as new?
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2007, 04:30:16 PM »

In my experience, surgeons are not in the habit of giving their patients false hope and so I would expect you to be able to partake in sports at a high level again when your OS tells you that you'll be able to.

What surgery did you have? What was the initial diagnosis? What is your long term prognosis? although you've not stated these, I get the impression that you are well on your way to being fully fit again. It's OK to push yourself and work hard at your rehab but don't overdo things. You've already past the point where you'd be in pain before you can do any damage. I think now you may be at the point where if you push yourself beyond your limits you could nd up with more injuries, albeit minro ones.

Take care,

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Re: Fractured Patella, will i ever be good as new?
« Reply #2 on: August 30, 2007, 05:15:05 PM »
i forgot the name of the actual surgery, but they put in 2 screws vertically (the fracture was side-to-side iun the lower half of the patella) and a wire looped around. However, it doesnt look like its in a figure 8 like some x rays of other surgeries for this type of injury ive seen..?

last yr around this time my OS in my ome location said i should have surgery but i was going to an intensive grad school prgm in VA. intense school load and intense heat and flying 3 days after surgery are not a good mix 2 me lol. but that oS said I would be on crutches and leg brace for about 6 wks with rehab for a cpl months afterward. fast fwd a yr later to july of this month and the OS at Univ of VA says roughly the same thing except i am out of the brace and off crutches in about 3-4 wks and limping around w/o pain. then after i see him at 5/6 wks with x rays..he says its healing nicely and that i can be 100% by october...? this seems 2 early to me..i was HOPING for nov/dec but thinking january b4 i could play basketball again..

also, they mentioned that the wire may need to be taken out after awhile if it starts bothering me. they said once the bone heals it wont be neccesary but may be uncomfortable, especially since my legs are skinny. Is this common place? and will my ROM or thigh strength be inparied at all by this wire?