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Author Topic: Knee problems (Both). Confused!! Meniscus, ACL, & Arthritis questions....  (Read 1076 times)

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Newbie here. Didn't know where else to post. Thx for replies, in advance...

- Iíve been to two OS with MRIís about 4-5 months apart, but have gotten different diagnosis from each OS. Doctor A claims it is a torn meniscus, while Doctor B claims it as knee arthritis. The symptom is basically pain: High intensity movement triggered. It can linger for 1-2 hours but intensity decreases overtime. I can't really say I have episodes of "locking". So...Can symptoms of meniscus tear be confused with knee arthritis, or vice versa ???

- The icing on the cake. Already had a prior surgery on my OTHER knee for meniscus tear and ACL rupture (wasn't reconstructed). Doc A did the surgery, post-op MRI shows meniscus is good, but ACL needs reconstruction. Doc B stated that initial ACL repair was useless, and reconstruction is only option. Symptoms: some pain, knee restricted, some give-away episodes.

The dilemma: CONFUSION!. The one thing that baffles me now, is, if indeed a torn meniscus can be confused with arthritis, and the opposite?. Each diagnosis has very different treatments - surgery vs none.

Anyway, I'd appreciate any comments that might shed some light into my dilemma.

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Does the Mri's show anything and if so what ?
If doc A did the surgery he should know better how the knee looks inside. Just curious to ask, why did you change OS ?
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You wrote: "So...Can symptoms of meniscus tear be confused with knee arthritis, or vice versa."

I wouldn't be surprised if one can be confused with the other.

I can empathize with what you're going thru because I'm not always sure what's causing the pain in my knee. Is it age related arthritis or further tearing of the meniscus or even LCL injury now? My knee isn't unstable so I'm not thinking it's the missing ACL causing the problems. By the same token my knee doesn't lock, either. But there's surely something happening now after a nice lull in aches & pains. I'm building up to an OS revisit, but since you have two differing opinions already, perhaps a third will shed some light on what's going on. Wishing you well...Ellie
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