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Author Topic: Osteoarthritis of the knees (and hips too)  (Read 843 times)

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Osteoarthritis of the knees (and hips too)
« on: August 28, 2007, 06:03:00 AM »
 :) Hello,

Just want to share my good news with other arthritis sufferers. I found a way to beat the doctor's prognosis regarding my knee and hip joints.

The doctors (all four of them), after they had viewed my xrays, told me I have advanced osteoarthritis in my joints. The only options they gave me was to accept the prescription medication for relief of pain and to think about getting a hip and knee replacement. Additionally, they told me I should give up martial arts such as Ba Gua Zhang and any other strenuous activity.

Well, guess what? I did tons of research and my findings are simply amazing. I found out about these three natural products: glucosamine, condroitin, and avocado soy unsaponifiables (ASU).

To the chagrin of my doctors I began taking all of these and now, after several months, the cartilege is renewing itself and more synovial fluid is being produced. In addition to that, I started practicing the Ba Gua Zhang style of martial arts master Sun Zhi Jun. I am currently nearly pain-free and the joints are not stiff anymore, and they are becoming both flexible and stronger.

My doctors had seemed to only want to prescribe expensive chemicals to treat symptoms only, and they only talk about surgery, which has exorbitant costs attached. Hmm, wonder if there's a connection. Well, my condition is fast improving now after NOT heeding the advice of doctors who are blind to giving advice on so-called alternative medicine. People should not necessarily mark in cement what every doctor says. The truth is that they hide the fact that thousands upon thousands of patients nationwide are suffering needless, debilitating pain from prescription medication. Thank God I have freed myself from them.


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Re: Osteoarthritis of the knees (and hips too)
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2007, 06:14:36 AM »
Thanks for sharing a great story. I also believe there is a lot that we can try that aren't mentioned. Really good to let each other know when we find something that works. Wish you the best.

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