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Author Topic: My Knee Is My Nemesis. Please Help!  (Read 894 times)

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My Knee Is My Nemesis. Please Help!
« on: August 22, 2007, 10:39:16 PM »
I have a constant throbbing sensation in my left knee. It gets worse after any activity (stairs, walking, etc.) or if I apply pressure to the top of my knee when sitting (ie crossing my legs)

It started in January this year. Before it started I had been doing alot of weightlifting and pushing myself very heavy on squats. One day at work, probably 5 days after my last day of weightlifting on my legs, my knee started an extremely uncomfortable throb/light pain. After a few days of this going on to various degrees, I made an appointment with an orthopedic.

Feb 07- The Doc bent my knee (that didn't cause me pain) and took an xray (didn't show any problems). He diagnosed it a sports injury and prescribed me physical therapy.

Mar 07- The Physical Therapist thought my patella was out of alignment and gave me exercises to strengthen my quad to realign my patella. I went to therapy for a month and never saw any improvement in my condition.

Apr 07- Started going to a different Orthopedic (the last guy had his hand on the door while examining me, and really only looked at me for less than 2 min)

This guy seemed very good, much more attentive than the last. He took an xray and ordered me an MRI. I was excited that I was finally gonna get my annoying knee fixed. Nothing came up on the MRI. He injected me with cortisone, and we both really thought that would help, but it didn't do anything. The last thing was arthroscopy.

June/July/August- He scoped my knee 8 weeks ago. He removed a "plica" band. I have basically recovered from the surgery, attended four weeks of PT, but in addition to my original throbbing pain (which is still constant), I cannot bend my knee as far as I used to without sharp pain. I am sure this is a result of the surgery and he and I discussed that I should be able to bend it more as time passes.

Now- I feel like he doesn't know what is wrong with me or how to treat it. He told me last week to push my knee because since there is are no tears in my ligaments, I'm not risking any long term damage. Last night I did some very light exercises with my legs and today my leg is throbbing like nobody's business.

I am an athletic 30 year old guy and my knee has seriously been impeding everything I do for the last 9 months.

Does anyone have any ideas of what this could be or what tests I can suggest that my doctor do? Would there be anything that would be causing my knee to throb that isn't associated to the joint or ligaments?

Thanks in advance

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Re: My Knee Is My Nemesis. Please Help!
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2007, 11:16:44 PM »
I have tried to stick with my ortho - since Jan. and his answer to everything is pt.  Finally I've had it and I'm seeing another ortho.  My advise would be to do the same.  Its frustrating just waiting - so I've changed that.  Good luck

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Re: My Knee Is My Nemesis. Please Help!
« Reply #2 on: August 23, 2007, 06:01:57 AM »
Either wait this out a bit more..8 weeks sounds like a long time but after surgery that isn't. You are probably still in the healing process. We all heal different.
Or change doc. Though what he/she would be able do right now is not easy to tell. Surgery after surgery isn't good to have.
Are you having any phys..maybe you could try ultrasound ?
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