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Author Topic: When is arthroscopy ok?  (Read 842 times)

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When is arthroscopy ok?
« on: July 25, 2007, 04:27:29 AM »
Hey everyone,

My basic history is that 7 years ago I had a partial menisectomy on my lateral meniscus. Around January of this year I began to experience pain and swelling in my knee whenever I would run or play soccer. It progressively got worse. In May I went to see my OS he recommended physical therapy. So I've been going. It's only gotten worse. It swells constantly and is painful from just walking around. Also when it's swollen my ROM isn't that great and it tends to click quite a bit. I got X-rays that showed some wear on my bones from my knee cap rubbing, my doctor said it's patella femoral chonromalacia. He recommended more pt. Pain kept getting worse and my knee kept getting more swollen. So I got an MRI. MRI showed a signal(?) in the lateral meniscus area. He said that's normal from when I injured it 7 years ago. He recommended a cortisone shot. It made it worse. I had been driving two hours to see this doctor so I switched doctors to one that is closer. My new doctor said he agrees that it's a patella femoral problem but would like to scope it to get a better look and it and see why it is always so swollen. My pt thinks it's something more than just patella femoral issues because of the constant swelling and when he feels it he says that he can feel something move inside. most of the swelling is located on the lateral side. Do you think it's a good idea to get it scoped?
03/2000 Partial menisectomy (lateral meniscus)
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Re: When is arthroscopy ok?
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2007, 04:33:58 AM »
I have been scoped several times as a diagnostic tool.  OS says you can never tell what is really going on until you look inside.  They have always been very helpful in my situation.  That being said remember it is  surgery with risks.  You must have complete faith in your OS and their abilities.  If she suggests to me in the future. that we do that as a diagnostic tool I will give her the green light.  I personally have had virtually no time needed to recover from a scope even when she does a little work while in there.  The downside is a scope in my case has always led to another much bigger surgery. 
You can always request a 2nd opinion. Don't rush into anything.  Surgery is alwas invasive.