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Author Topic: Bone spurs  (Read 733 times)

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Bone spurs
« on: July 25, 2007, 04:38:21 PM »
Is there anyone out there that has bone spurs on the sides of there knees?  When I was born the groove that your knee cap sits in did not grow on either one of my knees so my knee cap just floats on top of my leg!  Since I was 7 years old my knees pop over to the side and I have to pop them back in!  It has done this at least once a year all my life and I am now 37 years old.  I went to a knee doctor about 12 years ago that said he could do surgery but the idea of the recovery scares me to death so I never went back to him.  He told me at the time I had a spur on the side of my right knee.  Up until this week it has never bothered me but now if I bend my leg it will sometimes catch and it kills me to straigten my leg out until I rub it to get the spur to move.  Does anyone else out there have this problem?  I have never found anyone with the same problems I have and it would help so much if I had someone that knows what this is like.