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Author Topic: MRI, Arthroscopy, and Orthovisc  (Read 838 times)

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MRI, Arthroscopy, and Orthovisc
« on: July 24, 2007, 04:37:08 PM »
My experience in brief…

MRI did not show problems but had bad pain.  PT did not work.  Had arthroscopic surgery and removed plica from BOTH knees and smoothed undersurface of patella do to Type II/III chondral changes. 

After surgery I am in worse pain (MUCH worse) and physical activity is severely limited.  PT did not help.  Knee braces did not help.  Strengthened quads, stretched hamstrings, took glucosamine, got shoe inserts, took blood test (no immune system issues).  Last ditch effort was a series of 3 Orthovisc injections.  It has been approx 3 weeks after my final injection and the improvements are minor.  Left knee is “ok”, Right knee is worse than before surgery.  Still severely limited, still severe pain, and my right knee makes a soft clicking/grinding noise sensation that causes discomfort.  Have lost Range of Motion (ROM) as well.

Any suggestions?  Doctor said, “live with the pain”… seems like a few others on this board had doctors say the same thing… I’m 25… I want to live life, NOT live life with pain.

My advice to anyone considering surgery?  DO NOT DO IT unless you are so bad you cannot take it anymore. 

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Re: MRI, Arthroscopy, and Orthovisc
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2007, 04:46:41 PM »
Hello Eric,

Loss of ROM, severe pain, limited function can be indicators of a problem called arthrofibrosis.

KNEEguru has a lot of really good accurate credible infomation on the main website. Here are some links:

Dr. Noyes’ arthrofibrosis tutorial and Dirk Kokmeyer’s rehab tutorial

Dr. Millett’s article

KneeGuru’s literature review (look under problems with healing)

Sounds like you need a second opinion and maybe even a third opinion. If any of the info on arthrofibrosis strikes a cord for you, you should see an OS who has significant experience treating the condition. Most doctors are mis-informed when it comes to excess scar tissue and thus are not  qualified to diagnose or rule it out or treat the condition.

best wishes,

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