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Author Topic: 12ft fall 2 weeks my knee hurts when I run. Ďanterior knee painí?  (Read 1662 times)

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Hi everyone Ė I have what I think is called Ďanterior knee painí, the front-and-lower area of my knee (the patellar-ligament?) hurts when I squat, kneel, run, or sit down for extended periods. basically, it hurts when i bend my knee.

However, the pain wasnít caused by running or overuse - 2 weeks ago I jumped off a fence from a height of 12-15ft and landed on my feet on a hard surface. the pain stems from after this date.

I know this is very speculative, but is it possible that the extreme impact of the landing could have caused:

an imbalance of the muscle forces around the knee cap, causing it to pull laterally and produce abnormal stresses on the undersurface of the knee cap.


The pain is not excruciating, but id like to get it seen to asap. I have stopped running for the moment and I go swimming, hasnít made it better but hasnít made it worse, I suppose.

Could anyone recommend a good physiotherapist in North London? or do i even need one??



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A fall from 12-15 ft. could cause a great deal of damage. Skip the physical therapist and go straight to an orthopedic surgeon.