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Author Topic: 15 months post op Tibial plateau fracture  (Read 746 times)

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15 months post op Tibial plateau fracture
« on: July 14, 2007, 05:17:29 AM »
Hello everyone,
Not sure where to post this, however, need some advice.  Snowboarder hit me while skiing March, 2006.  Had lateral
plateau injury repaired with plate, screws and bone graft.  Non weight bearing for 12 weeks.  My progress is slow at best with
biking my main exercise.  I cannot get up the stairs very well and find after sitting for more than an hour, my leg is stiff and have
serious limp.  I have tried to strengthen my quads more, however, I continue to have lots of pain in the medial side
of my knee and numbness down the front portion of my lower leg... feels like a "shin splint" kind of pain....had
my knee injected with synavisc three times and steriod injection a couple of times.  MRI showed torn medial meniscus
however not recommending surgery yet and I still have my hardware.  I am in pain every day and sometimes feel I can't stand
it much longer and don't know where to go from I just progressing at a normal pace and should chill out??
Should I get my hardware removed??? Should I get my meniscus fixed????  Would like to hear from others who have had similar
experience and welcome any comments or questions..... thanks much....