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Author Topic: Knee Popping  (Read 672 times)

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Knee Popping
« on: July 14, 2007, 12:47:08 AM »
Hi, everyone.  First time post!

I'm a weightlifter and about two years ago, I hurt my knee doing something (the exact activity I can't determine).  There were no pops or debilitating points in the injury, just general pain with no swelling.  I could continue my regular workouts with the same weight and increased in strength as time progressed (as I did before the injury).  However, it did hurt for about 4 months.  Now, after about 2 years, the pain is completely gone and my knee has not impeded any activities.  In fact, I have greatly increased my strength since that point (used to squat about 300, now up to 405 for 6 reps).  My left knee, however, (the one with the aforementioned pain) seems to crack more often than my right.  Although I can't recall if this was happening before my injury or not, I just wanted to check with everyone if that's okay.  Also, when extending both legs from a completely bent position, I get a couple of the normal pops of the ligaments or tendons aligning.  However, the left knee seems to have a very small extra one.  Now, I'm a slight hypochondriac and I believe everything is okay, but just wanted to see what everyone else thought, so I can stop worrying.

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